Overwatch 2 Is Selling Unplayable Mei Skin For $10

Overwatch 2 Is Selling Unplayable Mei Skin For $10
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Joseph Kime


17th Nov 2022 09:50

Though the gameplay is pretty much what many players expected in the first place, there is still a lot of controversy in Overwatch 2 - most notably in its store.

Who knew that players could ever be made to miss loot boxes, but Blizzard seems to have managed it with a lopsided shop system that charges exorbitant sums for mere skins that do very little to alter gameplay.

Skins were much more lucrative when they could be found randomly or purchased with the game's internal unpurchasable currency. But now, there's a new skin causing a new ruckus in Overwatch 2 for a character that remains unplayable.

Mei Gets A New Premium Skin - But You Still Can't Play As Her

Blizzard has come through with yet another expensive skin, this time offering Mei mains a new cosmetic that'll run them $10. Blizzard has forgotten something, and that's Mei still isn't playable

The character was pulled from the game as a result of her assistance in a glitch that let Kiriko escape the boundaries of a specific map, which by all accounts should realistically require a Kiriko ban.

With Mei being a major character, Blizzard seems to want to bolster her a little more. Mei has been inaccessible for the last couple of weeks as a result, and fans have been frustrated about it since.

The skin itself is pretty cute, but the fact that players would be in a scenario where they'd buy the skin before it leaves the store without actually being able to use it is pretty poor form.

Fans React To Mei's New Skin Nightmare

Players have taken to Twitter to lambast the idiocy of a shop where one of its leading skins is for a character that literally cannot be deployed in a game.

One disgruntled gamer raged, "Every passing minute mei is not in overwatch 2 i grow more insane they even had the AUDACITY to sell a new cosmetic of her in the item shop."

Someone else chuckled, "Overwatch shop keeps giving me mei skins despite the fact shes literally in gay baby jail for an unclosed amount of time like wtf am i gonna do with this."


This is a bizarre kick in the teeth for Mei mains, especially as the patch that was meant to return her to the game has been delayed. Overwatch 2 remains shop-first and fans second.

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