OpTic Dashy Smashes Three CDL Records In Win Over Atlanta FaZe

OpTic Dashy Smashes Three CDL Records In Win Over Atlanta FaZe
OpTic Gaming

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Jack Marsh


31st Jan 2023 13:38

OpTic Texas' very own nocturnal assailant has had quite a turbulent few weeks, but Brandon "Dashy" Otell has harnessed his inner Bruce Wayne nickname and risen from the shadows to unleash his true power.

Dubbed "Bruce" by his teammates for his deep Batman-esque voice and backward nighttime sleeping/streaming routines, Dashy's season has been the centre of attention for the Green Wall, having been dropped from the roster twice in two splits due to internal issues.

But after Seth "Scump" Abner retired from the scene and summoned Dashy back to the starting lineup with the quote "I'm falling so you can climb up," the MVP candidate has been back to his best... and a bit more.

Dashy Breaks Three CDL Records In One Game

In an intense reverse sweep victory over popular rivals Atlanta FaZe - which included a stunning 250-248 win on Hardpoint, Breenbergh Hotel - OpTic Dashy totalled up a whopping 115 kills. This has set a CDL 2022-23 record. 

According to the unofficial CDL stat-person "BrainStats," the main assault rifle star also set a season-high record of 13,760 damage in one series. It smashes the previous record of 12,848 set by Seattle Surge's Daunte "Sib" Gray.

The stats also claim that Dashy set a season-high of 41 kills in a single map, which overtakes Colt "Havoc" McLendon's 40-bomb for Florida Mutineers in the first Split.

CDL Records Smashed In OpTic Texas vs Atlanta FaZe Thriller

It wasn't just Dashy who was frying though, as FaZe's tiny terror duo of Chris "Simp" Lehr and Tyler "aBeZy" Pharris also shattered their own records.

Simp managed to be involved in a record 237 engagements himself - setting the 12th-highest series damage statistic.

Elsewhere, aBeZy made his impact known in Search and Destroy, getting first blood on nine occasions, often picking on Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro, who was found as the first kill ten times. Ultimately though, the terrors were no match for the Gotham-saving Bruce.

Dashy's stellar performance has put him back on the map as one of the best players in the league but will need to continue this momentum if OpTic want to take home the Major 2 trophy.

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