One of the best VR games is going free-to-play this week

One of the best VR games is going free-to-play this week
Images courtesy of BigBox VR

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Lloyd Coombes


8th Mar 2023 14:22

VR gaming is great fun, but unless you're jumping in on PC or a shiny new PSVR 2, buying the headset is expensive enough without factoring in additional game purchases.

That makes free-to-play experiences a great way to get started, and Meta Quest 2 owners are about to get a huge new addition that won't cost a penny.

Population: One, a battle royale shooter from BigBox VR, is going free-to-play, meaning you can jump straight into a match without paying anything.

Population: One goes free-to-play, dev unveils 2023 roadmap

In a new blog post, BigBox VR notes that the decision will "bring POP1 to a larger audience and broaden the social multiplayer experience."

The update will arrive alongside a slew of balance changes, graphical improvements, and a new single-player mode that includes AI bots that adjust to a player's skill level - making it an idea place to learn the game.

Players can expect matchmaking improvements later this year, a new Sandbox Battle Royale mode, and map and weapon updates.

Players will still need to spend 750 Bureau Gold to receive all rewards past level 10.

You can check out the full roadmap below.

Population One 2023 roadmap graphic
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Players that have already purchased Population: One can grab an array of freebies which the dev says is worth around $80 in monetary value.

The bundle, dubbed the Original Bana Bundle, includes the following:

  • Legendary “PJ Potassium” Character Skin
  • Legendary “Prestige” Character Skins (4)
  • Rare “Prestige” Full Gun Set (14)
  • Exclusive Title: “Original Banana”
  • Exclusive Calling Card: “Celebration”
  • Exclusive Spray: “I Was Here”
  • 1,000 Bureau Gold
  • Full Access To The Level Progression Track

To redeem the bundle, players just need to log in after the game goes free-to-play on their account that owned it previously.

Is Population: One free-to-play on Steam?

In a surprising move, Population: One will remain a $19.99 product on Steam and Rift. According to BigBox VR, this is intended to deter potential cheaters.

"Similar to other games, the value price on those platforms will be used to prevent potential cheaters from making a new account on Steam/Rift easily", the blog post's FAQ section reads.

If players do buy a version on that platform, they'll earn 1,200 Bureau Gold in-game - a $20 value.

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