Of course poison swamps are the highlight of Shadow of the Erdtree leaks

Of course poison swamps are the highlight of Shadow of the Erdtree leaks
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24th May 2024 14:02

Patience is a virtue, and when it comes to Elden Ring's long-awaited Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, that's more evident than ever. FromSoftare is known for delivering some epic DLCs like Bloodborne's The Old Hunters and Dark Souls 3's The Ringed City, so at least we know we're in safe hands. 

While we've known that Elden Ring was getting a DLC since way back in February 2023, by the time we're stepping out from Shadow of the Erdtree's 'shadow,' it will have been over two years since we first swung our swords as The Tarnished. As we head toward the DLC's June 21 release, leaks are everywhere. 

Shadow of the Erdtree artwork shows off Elden Ring's poison swamps

We recently got the full Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer, showing off the Land of Shadow and teasing major lore details like Marika's climb to the top of the Golden Order, Messmer as her scorned child, and Miquella's Saint Trina persona. Oh, and it just wouldn't be a FromSoft game without a poison swamp.

New Shadow of the Erdtree artwork has appeared online, with players diving into this new realm with gusto. It's all typically FromSoft-esque, with beautiful backdrops harbouring dangerous monsters. Over on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, fans have been dissecting these new artworks. 

Even if Elden Ring's Lake of Rot isn't technically a poison swamp, it's clear Shadow of the Erdtree will be making up for this. In the pictures, we see a swamp-like area littered with tombstones, as well as twinkling fields, towering cliffs, and dank dungeons.

Miyazaki loves a poison swamp

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree poison swamp
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It's no secret that Miyazaki loves a poison swamp, with the man himself explaining why Shadow of the Erdtree needed the staple swamp. Still, this one is a little different, with a Deathblight swamp mixing things up a bit from your standard fodder.

While we've come a long way from Demon's Souls: Valley of Defilement, FromSoftware is still coming up with ways to have us cursing Miyazaki when we're knee-deep in swamp water and slowly succumbing to its poison. By the looks of the artwork leaks, Shadow of the Erdtree's poison swamp could be one for the ages. 

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