INTERVIEW: Nothin' But Lag Has Defeated YouTube. Now He's Going To War With Twitter

INTERVIEW: Nothin' But Lag Has Defeated YouTube. Now He's Going To War With Twitter
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Joseph Kime


24th Oct 2022 14:17

Of all the things YouTube gets right, customer service isn't one of them. The ongoing troubles with the platform have been exhausting for creators for years, with demonetisation, copyright strikes, and age restrictions that vastly limit reach making the profession of YouTuber a total nightmare.

YouTube is the perfect place for sporadic creators to turn to share their work with the world, but as time draws on with little help for creators unless they're willing to make public callouts, it becomes less and less viable. It takes a lot to make change with the platform - and for many, it takes an army. Luckily for Justin, aka Nothin' But Lag, that's exactly what he's got.

YouTube Applies The Pressure On The CrocBoys

Though many might recognise Justin - known online as Nothin' But Lag - for his work as an editor, rap guest, and resident sh*tposter for the YouTube channel SuperMega, he's got a lot of passion to give in his other work. One of his most recent offerings is a music video for his single "CrocBoys," featuring Hi, I'm Chris, is one he's particularly passionate about.

It's a trap-infused banger about how the Croc is back on top, with some surprisingly tidy production. The video clearly took a lot of work and love, in spite of its goofy tone - which is what makes the unfair age restriction of the video sting all the more.

"For some reason, YouTube does not take people seriously unless they have an audience, and it's really frustrating because you kinda just have to make a big stink about it online in order for them to take you seriously," Justin told GGRecon when radioing in from the SuperMegaPlex. "I'm not a big creator by any means, but a lot of smaller creators will have their videos age-restricted falsely, appeal it, it'll get instantly rejected just like mine, and they won't have a way of getting YouTube's attention online."

As it does for many creators, the false restriction made a huge impact on the outreach of the passion project, and forced General Lag to take further action - his follow-up video, "A storm is brewing," indicated his intent to mobilise on YouTube to see the age restriction stripped of the video, calling his viewers to arms by telling them the only explanation is YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's hatred of the Lag Nation.

Still, Justin remained headstrong, insisting that despite YouTube's efforts, "We will continue to create the worst f**king content this platform has ever seen." The fire of war was lit, and the Lag Army was ready to roll out. And as one bold victory saw relief and delight, NBL set his sights on bolder territories.


The Lag Army Mobilises

The stink made by Justin and his loyal fans saw the age restriction lifted from CrocBoys as a massive win for all involved. A victorious Justin told us how "YouTube as an army is weak, but the Lag Army, as a whole, we're strong" - but in many ways, the damage was done. The video still has fewer views than its follow-up, and the passion has gone largely wasted on fans. So NBL pushed on... and pushed further.

The lag army was spurred once again by a new video, which saw Justin call upon fans to help him get verified on Twitter. The call has been echoed by SuperMega on Twitter, bringing the Megheads and Lag Army together in a cocktail of fervour and rage on Justin's behalf.

"As one of the most influential people in America, as a key to the city holder and also, y'know, having my own holiday (that's a long story), I think that the fact that I'm not verified on Twitter yet is a bit of a disgrace, and I would say one of the most disgusting decisions I have witnessed in modern history. Personally, I just feel like it's time."

The fight rages on for Lag's big blue tick, but to see where this movement came from is particularly inspiring. Justin speaks candidly about the talent of Hi, I'm Chris, and makes it very clear that he fought for CrocBoys because he believed in its potential and cares deeply for the process that made it. "Making goofy music is something I really, really am passionate about," he tells us. "I really like making funny tracks and stuff, and I really think that one… it's funny, but you can listen to it and have some ladies in the car and you'll all be bopping your heads to it."

Comrade Lag Soldiers On

The war is far from over, as Twitter remains the continent of choice for the mobilisation of the Lag Army, but Justin seems to look to the future with peaceful excitement. His passion for music doesn't seem to end with goofiness, either, as he tells us that he's got some other avenues to pursue.

"I have a song I'm working on with Matt and Ryan (from SuperMega) again, I have multiple songs with Matt specifically that we're trying to do, and then a lot of songs with Chris. Chris and I have made so many songs together, we have two, I think, already that are mixed and I just haven't really wanted to put them out yet. And actually, a couple that are actually a bit more serious, and aren't just like, comedy only. So just music everywhere, man."

"Not to be cringe, but music has been a huge part of my creative process. I mean, all of my Twitter sh*tposts and most of the stuff I come up with for my channel that are like, skits or me dancing like an idiot or something, all of those ideas just came from listening to a song and picturing a video coming out of that. Music is a huge part of everything creative for me, and it always has been."

Undeterred by the age restriction, and with his sights set on bright new pastures free from the comfort blanket of sh*tposts, Justin is a symbol of the creator who stands up to face YouTube. Things are still bleak on the front of false restrictions and strikes on the platform, but even in spite of this, Nothin' But Lag still has the drive to meme in the face of corporate negligence - and it could yet turn into a very real music career, powered by the loyal Lag Army and Megheads that have helped him goof so far. After all, if Pink Guy can do it, who's to say that the creator of "My friend Peter Griffin" can't too?

Joseph Kime is the Senior Trending News Journalist for GGRecon from Devon, UK. Before graduating from MarJon University with a degree in Journalism, he started writing music reviews for his own website before writing for the likes of FANDOM, Zavvi and The Digital Fix. He is host of the Big Screen Book Club podcast, and author of Building A Universe, a book that chronicles the history of superhero movies. His favourite games include DOOM (2016), Celeste and Pokemon Emerald.

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