No Rest For The Wicked is the next game from minds behind Ori and the Blind Forest

No Rest For The Wicked is the next game from minds behind Ori and the Blind Forest
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Joshua Boyles


8th Dec 2023 01:53

Announcements from The Game Awards 2023 just keep on coming, and next up is a brand new action RPG from the folks behind the Ori and the Blind Forest games. This one's called No Rest For The Wicked, and while it's a bit of a departure for Moon Studios, there's plenty of its pedigree already on show.

Money don't grow on trees

With a medieval backdrop, No Rest For The Wicked takes Moon Studios' gorgeous art style and shakes it up in something that feels very new for the team.

Ditching the strictly 2D perspective, the gameplay looks to have far more 3D elements this time around, from both the environments to the gameplay.

While the Ori games had dark themes at times, No Rest For The Wicked takes things to the next level, with some fantastical beasts emerging from the darkness and facing off against our hero.

Still, that doesn't mean that the visuals have taken a backseat. With the lighting especially taking centre stage, this new title is certainly a looker.

Gameplay seems to involve a bit of exploration, this time from a top-down perspective. There's combat too, with a mixture of both ranged and melee options on the table.

A press release for the game sets the scene as the year 841, shortly after the death of King Harol. It describes an "unholy plague" that's set upon the land, corrupting all that it touches.

You play as Cerim, a holy warrior imbued with powers and tasked with taking down the Pestilence plague at any cost. Touted as an RPG as well as a precision action game, it sounds as though there will be an element of character progression as well as some involvement in politics.

Oh, and it'll be co-op, too. This aspect wasn't mentioned much on stage at The Game Awards, but you'll be able to play the entire campaign with a friend if you choose.

This was just a reveal trailer, but Moon Studios is teasing that further details will be revealed about the game on March 1st. We're very much looking forward to learning more!

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