No Man's Sky devs go even more ambitious with Light No Fire

No Man's Sky devs go even more ambitious with Light No Fire
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Joshua Boyles


8th Dec 2023 03:43

Hello Games has announced its next project after No Man's Sky, and it's looking a little closer to home this time around - literally.

No Man's Sky is known for the entire universe that it simulates, generating trillions of unique planets for players to explore. In its new project announced at The Game Awards 2023, however, Hello Games is bringing a procedurally generated Earth to the table - completely playable in multiplayer.

Brave new world

Sean Murray, co-founder of Hello Games, took the stage at The Game Awards to reveal the team's first new project in almost a decade. Instead of procedurally generating a massive universe, the team is keeping things a bit more focused this time. We'll only be exploring one planet (our own) but with a bit of a twist.

The gameplay looks similar to No Man's Sky in the sense that you'll be wandering the planet, hunting for resources, building bases, and occasionally taking on enemies in combat.

However, Earth looks a little different from how we know it today. It's a little fantastical, with skeleton enemies seen wandering its procedural scapes. You read that right - the entire world has been generated from scratch, with everything from its valleys and mountains recreated on a whole new scale.

Spaceships are out, Dragons are in. Players can be seen riding out into the wilderness on the back of a few different mounts in the gameplay trailer. There also appear to be world bosses dotted around, which will be an exciting challenge to take on with friends.

While this isn't a direct sequel to No Man's Sky, it's worth noting that the key art utilises a very similar style with a red orb encased in an angular object. These games may yet share more in common than we're led to believe.

It's unclear how many players you'll be able to squad up with just yet, and any news of a launch date is yet to be disclosed.

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