Nintendo Switch 2 And Specs Just Leaked Online

Nintendo Switch 2 And Specs Just Leaked Online
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Joseph Kime


2nd Mar 2022 14:00

Conversations around the long-awaited follow-up to the Nintendo Switch have raged since the release of the Nintendo Switch itself. Although we'd given up hope and pretty much buried the idea, it's back again - with a vengeance.

Optimism for new consoles has always been rife, but now that games like Breath of the Wild 2 are on the way, fans expect that Nintendo is going to need more powerful consoles to match up with its extravagance and ambition. Now, it looks as though we've got a little peek under the hood of the next console from Nintendo.

Alleged Nintendo Switch 2 Specs Leak

Remember that massive NVIDIA leak that showed off the future of modern gaming and suggested Nintendo games will come to PC, well, the latest is even bigger. According to a whopping NVIDIA leak (which, as ever, is to be taken with a pinch of salt), it seems some of the details about the specs of whatever comes next for Nintendo - presumably the Switch Pro - have been discovered.

An awful lot of source code for NVIDIA's DLSS was leaked, but with it came an unknown item called "NVN2", something that a lot of fans clued in with console specs expect to be the graphics API for the next Switch console. The reason this is so important is that NVIDIA previously referred to the OG Switch as NVN. 


What Has Been Found In The Leak?

Nintendo Switch 2 And Specs Just Leaked Online
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More specifically when it comes to what has been discovered as a part of the latest Nintendo console, users have discovered that the NVN2 API is made to work alongside the NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture - meaning the console will be able to support ray tracing and a brand new DLSS (2.2) technology.

It all sounds very promising, and though the specifics are a bit jargon-heavy, it could mean there's really a new Switch on the way. Better yet, it would finally bring ray tracing with it. If this turns out to be true, it'll be huge news - especially for those fans hoping that Breath of the Wild 2 will come with options of being even more gorgeous to traverse and explore. We're optimistically cautious that a new Nintendo console is coming - and we can't wait to see it.


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