NICKMERCS Admits He Hated aBeZy Before He Joined FaZe

NICKMERCS Admits He Hated aBeZy Before He Joined FaZe
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10th Aug 2022 15:38

Tyler "aBeZy" Pharris didn't earn the title of a 'Tiny Terror' for simply being good at Call of Duty, he also has that smack-talk swagger about his game that can often rub opponents up the wrong way before being backed up by his ability. Well, it appears that before joining FaZe Clan (Atlanta FaZe) his big boss actually "hated" him.

The drama between aBeZy and FaZe Clan Co-Owner Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff stems back to 2018, just as aBeZy was starting his professional Call of Duty career. 

Despite the pair having quashed their beef over the years, especially following aBeZy's world championship win last year for Atlanta FaZe, NICKMERCS has now admitted that he hated the young phenom before his FaZe pick-up.

NICKMERCS Admits aBeZy Hatred Before Joining FaZe

Back in 2018, the pair clashed in a Modern Warfare remastered 3v3 wager match where NICKMERCS slammed the rising star as a "f**king a**hole" after the pro player was "talking mad s**t" on stream. 

In a recent Twitch stream NICKMERCS opened up about the scenario to his MFAM audience, saying that he actually hated aBeZy back then. "I remember playing against 2Pac and aBeZy in Modern Warfare Remastered matches, and I hated aBeZy," Nick said.

"He used to talk mad s**t. I caught him talking crazy one time on x2Pac's [John Hartley] stream and we had some clashing going on. Every time we played we were just talking s**t and stuff, man," NICKMERCS added.


NICKMERCS Now Loves aBeZy's 'Chip on his shoulder'

Now that NICKMERCS and aBeZy share the same esports home at FaZe Clan, the streaming dynamo has since learned to love aBeZy's cocksure confidence. 

"We've put that behind us, he's a good kid now though," NICKMERCS continued on stream. "He still talks though, and I like that chip on his [shoulder]. It's funny how that changes though, now that he's on FaZe. You appreciate that chip."

Nick saw aBeZy reach second in the Vanguard championships last weekend, where the FaZe Clan legend was also wagered $1,000 if the Atlanta crew could reverse sweep LA Thieves. 

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