New Warzone 2 bug has invisible characters killing players

New Warzone 2 bug has invisible characters killing players

Written by 

Jack Marsh


16th Mar 2023 17:23

Activision is finally giving some long-awaited love to our main man Ghost in Season 2, as has been treated to a handful of new Operator skins alongside Farah and Captain Price. 

But it seems the developers have taken the name "Ghost" a little bit too literally. A new clip has surfaced on Reddit, which shows players in Warzone 2 coming up against invisible Operators, but they are appearing on the screen of spectators.

Weird Warzone 2 bug is making enemies invisible

In the past, we've seen a string of hacks and cheats that have rendered players invisible, but following the Ashika Island update, it now seems that enemies are becoming invisible for no apparent reason and are ghosting through the games like a silent spectre.

One clip has now come to light, showing two separate points of view. One player cannot see the enemy rushing towards them with the doof-doof shotgun in hand, and the other player can.

The perspectives are exactly the same, just one player is spectating the other, and while the player who is (soon to be was) alive couldn't see the enemy jumping through the air, the spectator could.

Warzone 2 players baffled by bizarre invisibility bug

Other players have noticed this happening in Modern Warfare 2 too. One popular comment said, "It's the same thing in MP I keep finding myself killed when I just saw an enemy. But in fact, I was in their scope for at least 0.5 seconds from their Kill Cam," which seemed to resonate with many other players.

"Damn this is pretty good proof of this bulls**t," one fan said, while another added, "That is absolutely ridiculous and it's just gonna get swept under the rug.: 

The developers have released a statement on the "ghosting" bug, and have issued an investigation into the "FSR 2.1," which is a PC setting that makes this happen. Beenox, the leading developer on PC Call of Duty, has now told players to deactivate the Dynamic Resolution setting while they work on a fix.

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