New-Gen GTA V Release Faces 'Months' Of Delays

New-Gen GTA V Release Faces 'Months' Of Delays
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Tom Chapman


17th Jan 2022 12:50

It's more of the same in 2022, with the delays coming thick and fast. Next up, it's the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded & Enhanced port that's slipping from its original release date. 

The lauded GTA V released in 2013 and went on to become the most profitable entertainment product of all time. Although there's a lot of attention on the mythical GTA 6 that Rockstar is yet to announce, many have hoped that the Expanded & Enhanced GTA V will give us a hint at what's to come next. Well, that's if it ever releases.

What's Going On With The New-Gen GTA?

Remembering that everything from The Last of Us to Mass Effect have been remastered, it makes sense that Rockstar squeezes the last drop of milk out of its automotive cash cow. The developer promised it will be more than just updated graphics and controls for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, with a tease of new content and missions - alongside those expected GTA 6 Easter eggs.

Expanded & Enhanced was supposed to launch last November, but according to a ResetEra post, March isn't looking likely for the new-gen upgrade. Apparently, Brazilian dataminer @Matheusbr9895 says the game has had a "troubled" development.

Although the original plan was just to patch the old game, it hasn't been that simple. According to the latest leaks, "The development was complicated" and Rockstar was preparing to add "amazing things" to GTA Online for GTA Online. As for how this affects Expanded & Enhanced, the report continues, "With the growth and evolution of GTA Online, it needs to have an engine that can withstand the precision and constant growth ahead."

What's Next For GTA?

Considering the ongoing success of GTA Online has been a contributing factor to what has kept the franchise running, it makes sense that Rockstar is keen to keep this element at the forefront of its financials. We recently reported how GTA 6 could be announced this year for a 2023/2024 release date, but that seems pretty optimistic. 

Off the back of Grove Street Games' maligned GTA Trilogy port, we guess this also has something to do with a potential Expanded & Enhanced delay. Even if the main branch of Rockstar is handling the new-gen overhaul, the trilogy's frosty reception was one of 2021's big gaming disasters. 

If Expanded & Enhanced is only facing a few months of delays, we don't imagine it will be too much of a delay. The problems start to arise when/if we have a Cyberpunk 2077 or Hogwarts Legacy situations where gamers are strung out by a series of delays. 

While many thought Expanded & Enhanced was tipped ot be one of 2021's biggest games, it remains to be seen whether it can live up to its own expectations in a year that's already packed with everything from Elden Ring to StarfieldPokemon Legends: Arceus to God of War Ragnarok


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