New dating game lets anime waifus do your taxes (no, really)

New dating game lets anime waifus do your taxes (no, really)
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Joseph Kime


22nd Mar 2023 12:19

Visual novels have always been pretty great at breaking out of their genre expectations and making some pretty incredible gaming experiences.

We only need to look as far as Doki Doki Literature Club's genre-bending horrors to see that the archetype of chatting to anime girlies can be snapped like a twig to create a phenomenally twisted and fascinating title.

There's a lot of potential in the genre, as proved by a new game that has appeared on Steam with one particularly handy feature.

Tax Heaven 3000 lets you do your taxes with anime girls

New dating game lets anime waifus do your taxes (no, really)
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Once upon a time, giving an anime girl on the internet your social security number led to identity theft, but oh, the times are a-changing.

A brand new game has arrived on Steam that is helping gamers file their taxes all by themselves, all with the help of anime girl Iris.

Iris helps players construct their legally binding documents without the help of corporate tax filing services, assisting them to get their affairs in order so that they don't get audited.

The game's Steam page indicates that the tool iw suitable for single filers without dependants (it clearly knows its audience), and claims to assist players in "creating a self-prepared United States federal income tax return."

Some curious fans are wondering if this is a legitimately handy tool or just a means of collecting social security information, but if you're getting your identity stolen, it might as well be from your pink-haired waifu.

When can you play Tax Heaven 3000?

If you're looking for the means to find love and also not be arrested by the IRS, then you're in luck, because the game is currently planned to launch on March 31, meaning that we're just over a week away from meeting Iris and getting those taxes filed. Or having our sensitive data leaked onto the internet. Whichever the eventuality is, at least we'll have some company.

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