New Activision Blizzard Case Covers Sexual Blackmail And Harassment

New Activision Blizzard Case Covers Sexual Blackmail And Harassment
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Tom Chapman


13th Oct 2022 11:32

Just when you thought Activision Blizzard was out of the woods, a new case has been levelled against the gaming giant - with some shocking allegations. As things hone in on the publisher's massive acquisition by Microsoft, more worrying claims are coming to light.

It's been over a year since grim reports about a "frat boy culture" and known incidents within the now-infamous Crosby Suite hit the news, but with each passing day, things only get worse. The latest case against the shamed Activision Blizzard alleges that a female employee was subjected to sexual harassment and threats of revenge porn.

Former Activision Blizzard Employee Alleges Sexual Harassment And Revenge Porn

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As reported by Kotaku, the latest damning allegations brand Activision Blizzard as a "pervasive 'frat-boy' workplace culture that is a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women." It's not exactly the Glassdoor review you'd be hoping for.

The filing was made in Los Angeles by a former employee referred to as Jane Doe. She highlights both Activision Blizzard as an entity, and former manager, Miguel Vega. She alleges that Vega engaged in multiple counts of sexual harassment, including comments about "oral sex, masturbation and orgasms," as well as "mocking her breasts" and "commenting on other female employees."

Alongside reportedly threatening her job, Doe maintains that Vega also threatened to expose a "compromising" photograph of her. The pair had apparently met before she worked for Activision Blizzard, with the claimant saying she "regrettably sent him compromising photos of herself" when they formed a virtual friendship. 


Will Activision Blizzard Get Away With These Claims?

Doe and Vega's friendship is said to have ended in 2011, however, he helped her get some independent contractor work for Activision Blizzard in 2016. Her role progressed to become Community Engagement Coordinator for the Player Support department, and here, her relationship with Vega apparently soured. After being reported to HR in 2017, Doe's side claimed it wasn't taken seriously until Activision Blizzard hit headlines in 2021. Vega was then terminated from his position in September last year. 

These days, it seems that we're too wrapped up in the record-breaking Microsoft deal to focus on other issues. Things have largely gone quiet on where the various court cases are up to, and only recently, controversial CFO Frances Townsend announced she was leaving. At the tip of this is incumbent CEO Bobby Kotick, who looks like he'll retain his position after Microsoft takes the reins. Sadly, as those at the top try to steady the seas, new cases like Does are popping up too frequently. 

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