Netflix's Push Into Gaming Is Already A Disaster

Netflix's Push Into Gaming Is Already A Disaster
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Joseph Kime


9th Aug 2022 08:39

I was rooting for you, Netflix. We were all rooting for you. Netflix announcing its foray into gaming didn't exactly come as a surprise. It may seem bizarre for a film and TV streaming service to attempt to capitalise on the lucrative gaming industry, but it actually makes sense.

In the wake of the interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Minecraft Story Mode, it has been clear for some time that interactivity is something that keeps Netflix interested. And as it has acquired Night School Studios - the team behind Oxenfree and the first gaming team to join the Netflix family - hopes were high that the new plunge would be a success. Sadly, it doesn't look like it has been. 

Is Anyone Playing Netflix Games?

Netflix's Push Into Gaming Is Already A Disaster
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Ah. So it hasn't quite gone to plan, then. According to a new report from Input Magazine, players simply aren't engaging with video games on the platform - with many subscribers not even being aware that games were even an option.

Statistics from Apptopia (via CNBC) have indicated that less than 1% of Netflix subscribers are actually playing the games. Given that subscriber numbers are down thanks to Netflix's meddling with customers using one account for multiple users, that number is thinning by the day.

The push has welcomed some fully-fledged gaming titles like Into The Breach, but as it's still in its first year, many of the titles just aren't sticking. The bigger problem is that none of these games are actually good enough to make a name for themselves on the platform.


Why Aren't People Playing Games On Netflix?

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There's no concrete evidence as to why players aren't getting involved via Netflix, but chances are, it's just not where people think to go for games. When it comes to Stranger Things or The Witcher, Netflix has smashed through the glass streaming to become a streaming giant, but as for games, it's yet to carve a name for itself.

Also, despite the big purchases, Netflix hasn't really made a big fuss about gaming on the platform. If you need to open the app to play games anyway, why not just go to the app store? After Netflix's efforts, it's seemingly just not paying off. We feel bad for Night School, to be honest - here's hoping they get a good deal out of this.

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