Neill Blomkamp sparks DOOM movie rumours with surprise tweet

Neill Blomkamp sparks DOOM movie rumours with surprise tweet
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Tom Chapman


22nd May 2023 16:16

Our obsession with video game adaptations continues, as the latest major franchise to potentially get the live-action treatment is one we've all seen before. Much like it's been a struggle to nail live-action Resident Evil adaptations, DOOM is a series we can't seem to get right.

1993's DOOM is THE definitive first-person shooter, and while the franchise has since soared to astronomical heights, its two movie adaptations have always struck a bum note. While we remember Andrzej Bartkowiak's 2005 movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tony Giglio's Doom: Annihilation from 2019 is largely forgotten. 

Neill Blomkamp teases DOOM reboot

While id Software has been enjoying a reinvigorated fan base thanks to 2016's reboot and 2020's Doom Eternal, a DOOM movie has been less successful. Now, Neill Blomkamp has teased that he'll be the one to tackle the next chapter of DOOM's silver screen journey. 

Posting on Twitter, the District 9 director has hinted at a DOOM movie through two screenshots from the original game. Although it's far from confirmation Blomkamp will be taking the reins of a DOOM adaptation, the internet has exploded with hype for the idea.

Trying to decipher what's going on, one fan wrote, "Don't care about Doom, but I'd watch the hell out of an adaptation by you," while another added, "A live-action of the original game by you would be a masterpiece. I'd watch it 100+ times."

A third cheered, "No one better suited for this than Neill." It's true that the DOOM games have never been particularly heavy on the story, but then again, that hasn't stopped Blomkamp with his upcoming Gran Turismo adaptation. 

Forget DOOM, what about Wolfenstein?

Doom Eternal gameplay
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Blomkamp is something of a sci-fi staple, having directed District 9Elysium, and Chappie. He was also supposed to direct Alien 5, which would've continued the story of James Cameron's Aliens and served as a reboot similar to 2018's Halloween. Sadly, that never came to pass.

DOOM movie from Blomkamp is all well and good, but another interesting idea that popped up in the comments was a Wolfenstein adaptation. Pulp Fiction and Silent Hill writer Roger Avary was supposedly working on a live-action Castle Wolfenstein around 2012, although it never came to be.

There's plenty of potential in DOOM giving it another shot as third time lucky, but if you're bored of grunts blasting demons on the surface of Mars, seeing someone like John Cena play B.J. Blazkowicz for a mythical Wolfenstein movie could be epic. Either way, it looks like Blomkamp could soon be kicking Cacodemon butt.

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