New NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update Brings New Heroes, Villains, And Boss Battles

New NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update Brings New Heroes, Villains, And Boss Battles
24 Entertainment

Written by 

Joseph Kime


6th Feb 2023 16:37

It seems as though NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is still struggling to amass its deserved audience here in the West, and it's a damned shame. The battle royale title isn't grabbing the attention it should, even as its new update rolls around.

With its impressively individual melee-focussed BR gameplay and consistent attention to detail when it comes not only to its battle royale, but to its PvE too, it's something that feels like it could slot into current popularity with ease.

Nevertheless, 24 Entertainment is still turning out updates that keep the formula fresh - and its latest is no different.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Introduces Its Seventh Character

While Apex Legends has confirmed that a new character is off the table for the new update, it looks like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is happy to fill that void. The brand-new Showdown Chapter III update has brought a new character to the fight.

Tianhai has joined the game, packing two new specialities in his Staff and Swarm ability, which can equip Souljades to grow more powerful than ever.

He's been introduced to help face off against the Dark Maiden, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT's newest baddie for you to take down in the game's newly added PvE content.

How Can I Play The New NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update?

All you need to do to get involved with the new content update for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is get the game updated, and everything will be waiting there for you.

Beware, though - 24 Entertainment has warned that this new boss battle against the Dark Maiden is going to be tough... even for the game's veterans. So, it might be worth getting to grips with Tianhai before you take her on.

The recent updates from the BLADEPOINT team have been incredibly solid, and Showdown Chapter III looks no different. Get in the game and give the Dark Maiden hell.

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