Nadeshot Hits Back At Complaining Call of Duty Players

Nadeshot Hits Back At Complaining Call of Duty Players
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Joseph Kime


27th Dec 2022 12:28

If there's one thing we can bank on every time a new shooter comes around, it's players moaning about it.

It's typical, especially for Call of Duty fans. Each new instalment is perfectly operable as a yearly instalment in the ongoing franchise, and players still manage to find a way to hate it.

We saw it with Cold War, then doubly so with Vanguard, and now as the novelty is beginning to wear off, we're now finally seeing the frustrations come to life with Modern Warfare 2.

And one pro player has had just about enough of players kicking up a fuss once again.

Nadeshot Hits Back At MW2 Haters

The founder of 100 Thieves and veteran of the FPS community, Mattew "Nadeshot" Haag, has come forward to express his frustrations with fans being moody about the new Call of Duty yet again.

He has spoken out about players hating on the new title, Modern Warfare 2, in a brand-new stream where he expresses that he isn't sure what everyone's so upset about.

"We had a podcast clip from the CouRage and Nadeshot show come up on my FYP page last night. I actually thought I put together a pretty compelling argument and every comment was still so irrationally ignorant where they were just like, 'no bro this game sucks'," he says in frustration.

"Guys, look, why are we still talking about each Call of Duty every single year like it's the worst thing that's ever been created? Like it's Call of Duty, it's really not all that different every single year."

Nadeshot - "You Know What To Expect"

Nadeshot goes on to express his confusion, especially as he feels that players know what they're getting into when they pick up the newest copy of yet another yearly instalment of the series.

"We know there's going to be problems with X, Y and Z. But, at the end of the day, the core foundational part of Modern Warfare 2 – the guns feel good, and it’s Call of Duty. You know what to expect at this point, so I really don’t understand where a lot of the hate comes from."

He's got a point, as it's growing more difficult by the year to expect something new of the series when it seems unwilling to disengage from its yearly approach.

Maybe if it gives itself more time to make fresh changes, but until then, it looks like the Call of Duty experience isn't likely to change. Sorry, buttercup, but it looks like you might have to suck it up.

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