Nadeshot Discusses How Drake Became A 100 Thieves Co-Owner

Nadeshot Discusses How Drake Became A 100 Thieves Co-Owner

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Jack Marsh


15th Jun 2021 13:58

One of gaming's best glow-ups comes in the way of Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag. Call of Duty's pioneer has come a long way since the squirrel-faced boy first hit the screens with "YouTube, how the fudge you doing". 

The young starlet became an instant hit on the internet, creating content for OpTic Gaming and winning championships in the competitive scene. 

However, with OpTic's ever-growing Green Wall and their high expectations, Nadeshot found himself packing in competitive CoD in a trade for more time behind the cameras, working closely with Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez on the content side of the organisation.

Soon, Nade departed OpTic and kickstarted his own gaming organisation: 100 Thieves.

The Thieves are now within the top ten wealthiest esports organisations in the world, and when H3CZ and Nade sat down at the E3 showcase 2021, Nadeshot told his former mentor about just how 100 Thieves managed to capture Drake as co-owner.

Nadeshot Discusses Meeting Drake For The First Time

Whilst going back through his 'origins' with H3CZ, Nade begun to discuss the influence that Scooter Braun has within the business and how he first managed to capture Braun's signature. 

Nadeshot admitted that his first meeting with Braun was a shambles, having been set up by a middle man who left much of the details out. After bombing out and declining to work with Braun, the world-famous executive did his own research into the organisation and decided to call Nadeshot back to set up another meeting and begin working together. 

Nadeshot x Scooter Braun
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With Braun on-side, Nadeshot recalled the moment that Drake became a part of the story. He explained, "we're finalising the deal, and he goes 'yo I've got a friend in hip-hop who would love this' and I'm like 'who's that?', he's like 'Drake'."

"So he calls Drake's manager, Future, in the room with us, in the tiny 400 square foot bedroom which was our office for the leadership team"

"The next day, Future was in our living room, so we pitched him the business. A couple of months later we went to meet Drake at his house and told him more about 100 Thieves - and that was a wrap."

How involved is Drake in 100 Thieves?

Discussing their relationship, Nade continued, "I'd be lying if I was to say we're really close, because we're not. We've spoken over DMs a couple of times over the years. But himself and Future contribute through a creative level at our board meetings four times a year."

"But I was just honoured and over the moon at the fact that he f***ed with 100 Thieves just enough to say 'alright I'm going to throw some cash at this', and it was a good amount of money.

"I met with him twice, and it was awesome."

Drake's involvement in gaming also saw him break Twitch viewership records whilst playing Fortnite with Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. 

For 100 Thieves and Nadeshot, despite their company being just four years old, Nadeshot teased some huge announcements will come by the end of 2021.


Image via 100 Thieves

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