Nadeshot Brings Small Streamer To Tears With Heart-Warming 18th Birthday Gift

Nadeshot Brings Small Streamer To Tears With Heart-Warming 18th Birthday Gift

Written by 

Jack Marsh


10th May 2022 10:52

Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag and the 100 Thieves rabble have earned quite a cut-throat reputation in recent weeks, especially in the VALORANT scene, given their status within esports. However, this is no reflection on the co-founder, as proven with a recent act of generosity. 

100 Thieves' VALORANT roster has become renowned for its roster shakeups, after the VCT Masters 3 squad filled with veterans of CS:GO has unravelled. With the likes of Joshua "Steel" Nissan leaving and Spencer "Hiko" Martin retiring, the esteemed organisation chopped and changed players at will, already having captured (and released) some of the most exciting players around. 

Despite Nadeshot openly defending his side's changes, claiming he "wants to win more than I can breathe", the leader of the pack has shown his softer side in a recent stream. Whilst playing VALORANT as a solo, Nadeshot brought a smaller streamer to tears with a gift on his 18th birthday.

Nadeshot Makes Streamer Cry With 18th Birthday Donation

Grinding his way to becoming the oldest VALORANT collegiate-level professional ever, Nadeshot met a young fellow streamer named "CallumSn1pes", who noticed Nadeshot was in his game. 

The small streamer then asked Nadeshot for an 18th birthday gift, simply wondering whether he could be cheeky and ask for a shout-out to Nadeshot's larger fan base. Instead, Nadeshot decided to go over the top and give back to the community and opted to donate the streamer 50 Gifted Subscribers - the equivalent of roughly $250 and the opportunity to retain an audience for the future. 

"Happy Birthday, brother," said Nadeshot, as the streamer broke down in tears through the in-game chat. 

Noticing the subscribers come through, the 18-year-old said, "Hold on a second. This man just gifted 50! Nadeshot, I f**king love you, man. I’m gonna f**king cry."


Nadeshot, clearly touched by the reaction, then opted to hit him with the "combo wombo" and dropped another 100 Gifted Subs to the emotional birthday boy, which subsequently broke him.

"Nadeshot… Shut the f**k up, this must be fake. I’m dreaming," cried CallumSn1pes. The donations together come to approximately $750, and it also means that Callum could retain these new viewers with engaging content, possibly kickstarting his journey as a streamer.

In the VALORANT esports community, Nadeshot persists as a man of the people and has definitely warmed the hearts of many fans.


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