Some of the best things in life come in pairs. Macaroni and cheese, Batman and Robin, NACON and Call of Duty. 

14:55, 19 Nov 2020

Players put so much emphasis on making sure they have the best loadouts and attachments for all of their in-game Call of Duty weapons - after all, the best of the best can take you from an average marksman to a world-class assault rifler. So why do we not apply this same methodology to the tools we have in our physical hands to play the games?

As someone who is the first to admit a bad play is anything but my personal play style (it's always lag that's to blame, come on), I figured it was time to test some other weapon classes and see if moving away from my beloved DualShock 4 to a shiny new NACON would improve my tragic K/D ratio.


Visually, all elements of the design have clearly been carefully curated to give the player the full Call of Duty experience. The box itself was high-quality and opened to reveal a stunning and sturdy camouflage case. However, the main event came from opening up the case itself and that first glimpse at the most important part of the whole package - NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Call of Duty Edition.


Aesthetically, the Call of Duty Edition is one of the most beautiful controller designs I've ever seen. The matte khaki base really adds to the Cold War concept, with an added hint of bright yellow and red that sets the controller apart from just any-old camouflage design. So much detail has been given to delivering a must-have collector's item for the ultimate Call of Duty fan. From the star-embellished touchpad down to the left-side grip classified tiger patch, the controller's cover is a head-to-toe win. They say you should never judge a controller by its cover, but with something as aesthetically pleasing as this, you can't help but marvel at it. 

NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Call Of Duty Edition.


Personally, I think the controller is the perfect middle-blend between the DualShock 4 and an Xbox controller. Its taken all the best elements of each two and blended it into one ideal care package. Suited for HOURS of gameplay, my little early-stage arthritic wrists only began to feel pins and needles after my 131st round of Die Maschine". Note: These rounds were played over multiple games, not one continuous round - the controller is amazing but it doesn't perform miracles. When comparing this to my Nintendo Switch, DualShock or even my Xbox controller, it outlasted all of them for comfort. Now I don't have to put down the controller, I can continually play until I reach 3rd Prestige.  




Just as you'd expect any controller to, but the actions feel 10x cleaner and more defined. When you first open up your case, you'll find that there are multiple options inside to change the lighting display, as well as plug your headphones and audio chat. The controller has wireless options, so just charge it up and enjoy your gameplay without getting tangled up in wires. My colleague once summed up the beauty of the NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller's control settings before, and I echo her sentiments completely. I haven't found myself reaching for the analog stick adjustments yet (the pack comes with six different weight options for maximum comfort and unique preferences), but the fact that the option is there for me to customise is an added bonus.

The NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Call of Duty Edition is the perfect tool in any soldier's arsenal. With this OP weapon by my side, I feel ready to take on the world, even if it is full of ravenous zombies.



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Images Via NACON

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