Mysterious Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League Footage Leaks Online

Mysterious Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League Footage Leaks Online
Images: Toys For Bob

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Joseph Kime


22nd Nov 2022 10:27

The Crash Bandicoot series has always deserved a lot of love, and thankfully, the recent console generation was good for it.

The N. Sane Trilogy was a beautiful return to form that displayed the power of a good remake - bringing the marsupial back into fashion. We then saw a remake of Crash Team Racing in Nitro-Fuelled, and even a whole sequel to the original series in It's About Time.

The Bandicoot finally got his rosettes, and fans fell for him all over again. But, something was missing from the Crash sequel.

There was once planned to be a full multiplayer brawler baked into the game, titled Wumpa League, that simply never saw the light of day. That is, until now.

What Is Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League? 

The prototype of Wumpa League has found its way online thanks to YouTuber Liam Robertson - one of the creators behind DidYouKnowGaming - who has shared what footage he has of the game's early build.

Robertson suggests that the sharing of the game, which could never actually see a release, is an effort of "historical interest." With enough distance from the game's development, is safe to share Wumpa League

He reveal the video via his personal channel, which showcases a wealth of concept art and confirms the game was a "team-based competitive online multiplayer game where two teams of Crash characters compete to collect the most amount of wumpa fruit possible."

Footage Of Wumpa League Reveals Its Gameplay

Though it's footage that is very early in development, Wumpa League's footage shows a fighting game that allows players to attack each other to knock wumpa fruit out of them and even KO them.

It's all very Smash Bros. meets Fall Guys, as they all dart around an open map, using gliders and switches to chase after wumpa fruit boxes. Alongside all of Crash 4's playable characters, we see fan-favourites like Dingodile.

Who knows if this game will come to light, but there are reports of a new Crash title debuted at December's Game Awards. Wumpa League is certainly a fascinating idea, and to be honest, it looks like loads of fun. Toys For Bob, we beg you to do the world a favour.

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