MW3 Zombies fans demand upgrade for unbelievably 'small' stash

MW3 Zombies fans demand upgrade for unbelievably 'small' stash
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Alex Garton


28th Nov 2023 12:10

While a lot of the Call of Duty community was sceptical about Modern Warfare 3's Zombies when it was announced, the DMZ-style undead mode has grown on players since release.

Although it's not the round-based experience a lot of fans were hoping for, it still provides those intense moments of action, especially in the high-tier zones.

One of the most fun aspects of Operation Deadbolt is collecting useful upgrades and managing to extract from the map with all of them in hand.

Unfortunately, some Zombies fans are collecting a little too many items for the stash to handle, and they think it's "stupid" that there's such a small limit.

MW3 Zombies fans are desperate for more stash space

Taking to the CoD Zombies subreddit, user PerryAye223 decided to voice their frustration with the current stash limit that results in their whole bag being "full" after every game.

In their opinion, the devs need to "increase the stash to at least 20" so valuable items are not going to waste and have to be left behind. This isn't an isolated complaint, with a lot of Zombies fans confused as to why the devs didn't make the stash "upgradable."

"Stash needs to be upgradable, we need to be able to burn things into a currency like salvage instead of deleting them and salvage should be spent on schematics," said one user, with another arguing, "Stash should be infinite who cares how overpowered it gets, it's Zombies."

While some assume the devs simply forgot to make the stash bigger, others are convinced this has been done deliberately for monetary reasons.

Zombies community think Activision will only offer a 'paid' upgrade

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With Season 1 coming very soon in Modern Warfare 3, Zombies fans think a stash upgrade may be added as a paid upgrade with a store bundle.

This wouldn't be the first time Activision has done this, with specific Operator skins offering powerful DMZ bonuses in the past.

"Don't worry bro, it'll all come in future updates in the form of paid bundles," said one user, with another claiming "No doubt that soon enough they'll sell stash expansions for 500 cod points each."

In a game mode where collecting items and extracting is the main goal, a small storage space is a huge flaw. Let's see whether the devs choose to fix the issue or sell players the solution - the odds certainly favour one over the other.

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