MW3 Zombies fans are being told to play Helldivers 2 instead

MW3 Zombies fans are being told to play Helldivers 2 instead
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Alex Garton


29th Feb 2024 17:05

Way back when, Modern Warfare 3's Zombies mode was promoted as one of the biggest features of the instalment, promising to bring the undead to a more open-world setting.

Updates to Operation Deadbolt arrived following the game's release, but unfortunately, have since trailed off and clearly become less of a priority for the devs.

Well, the Zombies community has noticed and has made it clear they're "disgusted" at the lack of new content. To them, it feels like the mode has effectively been left for dead (excuse the pun), and a lot of them are turning to Helldivers 2 to fill the void.

MW3 Zombies fans turn to Helldivers 2 after being "disgusted" at lack of content

Taking to Twitter on February 28, popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone decided to ask their followers whether they're still playing Zombies. The post resulted in a lot of angry fans slamming the devs for forgetting the undead mode and leaving it in the dust.

With so many collabs, LTMs, and skins being pumped out for multiplayer, it's easy to see why Zombie players are feeling frustrated.

"I think it’s dead regardless lol, the mid-season content is a couple of lame schematics and s**t missions, they fumbled a huge bag with this, the potential was endless," said one user, with another arguing, "It's dead because they immensely dropped the ball content-wise for it which is sad because it is actually a good mode."

Tired of waiting around for a solution that may never arrive, some Zombies players have left CoD behind and are "Playing Helldivers 2 instead." The PvM title offers brilliant combat and encourages teamwork, which is everything Zombies fans are looking for. It's easy to see more and more Call of Duty vets leaving for this game when its horizon looks so bright.

DMZ community can't believe their favourite mode was scrapped for Zombies

Warzone DMZ
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While the Zombies community is angry, the DMZ fans are absolutely seething as this new undead mode was meant to be the replacement for the OG extraction gameplay that was left behind in MW2. Seeing the devs leave this on the back burner as well is just salt in the wound, and makes them wonder why DMZ was ever shelved.

"Honestly disgusted at the fact that we traded DMZ for this in hopes it would actually get content, and to have an entire season based around zombies and get no content…wild," said one user, with another claiming, "I’m a diehard Zombies guy and I would much rather have DMZ."

Who knows what the future of Operation Deadbolt is in the eyes of Activision, but for now, it's definitely on the ropes content-wise. Season 3 may bring new features to the table, but it's unlikely to be enough to satisfy fans who assumed the mode was going to be on par with multiplayer.

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