MW3 reveal showcases new skins, guns, killstreaks, and master camos

MW3 reveal showcases new skins, guns, killstreaks, and master camos
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Jack Marsh


3rd Oct 2023 17:50

It's official, the Modern Warfare 3 era is here. As we see the back of MW2, the multiplayer trailer for the trilogy has now been aired, putting all the previous leaks, rumours, and predated reveals into action.

But underneath all of the bullets and nostalgia, there was a lot of new information on display, and we're here to pick it all apart.

Modern Warfare 3 trailer shows off the new multiplayer experience

In between jamming out to Eminem and watching the chaos ensue, fans have been keen to see just how multiplayer will change from last year's rather miserable and tactile approach.

Unfortunately for those wanting to see gameplay, only a mere two seconds of gun-on-gun action was visible. Here, a Captain Price operator pulls up his 1x scope from a slide cancel position, which appears to be a much swifter movement than in the past.

Despite a lack of actual gameplay, there was much more to see, if you chose to look close enough...

Modern Warfare 3 reintroduces the EMP and Hunter Drone killstreaks

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One of the most obvious tokens that the trailer focuses on is killstreaks. You can see multiple returning explosive devices, such as the Bomb Drone and the Hunter Drone - the latter of which will be re-named but looks equally as deadly.

Another of the killstreaks on-show is the EMP, which takes on its biggest and best form, shutting down all electronics in the area and blasting choppers out of the sky.

Modern Warfare 3's master camo showcased in cinematic trailer


Eagle-eyed fans also spotted a Modern Warfare 3 Master Camo in action. While there was also a Diamond-sparkled Price skin to be found confusing the heck out of the mil-sim lovers, a Diamond Camo being on display caught everyone's attention. 

The MW3 Diamond Camo is much akin to that seen in Black Ops 2, where it takes a studded effect but with a shivering silver look.

The first Modern Warfare 3 skins have been showcased

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Finally, a range of skins was also spotted. Aside from the Diamond-studded stud, there appeared to be rather cool. One in particular appears to be another Ghost outfit, blessed with a gold-plated skeleton jaw.

Midnight-black and emerald green night-vision outfits were also here in all their glory, alongside some water-combat and gas mask suits. For the most part, it was straight-up cinema, with all of the action leading up to CoD Next on October 5 and the Modern Warfare 3 Beta the following day.

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