MW3 players praise 'sensible' Riot Shield nerfs coming with Season 1

MW3 players praise 'sensible' Riot Shield nerfs coming with Season 1
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Alex Garton


5th Dec 2023 17:30

Riot Shields are an iconic weapon in the Call of Duty franchise, offering an alternative playstyle for those who prefer to block shots rather than fire them.

While popular amongst select competitors, it's always been a point of frustration for certain members of the community who think the Riot Shield is frustrating to play against.

This issue has only been amplified in Modern Warfare 3, as a lot of Riot Shield users now don't ever even use it as a main-hand weapon. Instead, they run it so it can sit on their back and block shots from enemies behind them.

There is no penalty for this strategy, and this has led to widespread backlash and calls for nerfs. Well, it appears the devs have been listening as changes are coming in Season 1.

Riot Shield nerfs are coming with MW3 Season 1

As showcased by CoD content creator TheXclusiveAce, the Riot Shield is getting hit with a hefty nerf in Season 1. If that wasn't enough, it's exactly what a lot of competitors have been requesting for a long time.

The nerf effectively means running a Riot Shield will come with a movement penalty, whether it's equipped in your main hand or on your back.

This directly targets the turtling playstyle and means players have to choose between fast movement or the extra level of protection. As you would expect, the majority of fans are over the moon at this news and have been praising Sledgehammer.

"Wow, an actual sensible middle ground," said one user in reaction to the news, with another claiming, "This is absolutely the right play, a riot shield shouldn't be a crutch to protect your back."

Minor Riot Shield damage buff is also being added to MW3

Riot Shield on table MW3
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It's not all bad news for the Riot Shield, though, as Sledgehammer are pairing the nerf with a small buff to its melee damage. Instead of taking three hits to kill an opponent, it will now only take two, rewarding those who are willing to get close to their foes.

This should encourage fewer people to use the weapon as a turtle, and instead, utilise it as a true melee option. No doubt the Riot Shield will still be immensely frustrating to play against, but at least there's now a movement penalty for anyone who wants to block shots.

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