MW3 players label broken killstreak as an ‘absolute joke’

MW3 players label broken killstreak as an ‘absolute joke’
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Jack Marsh


27th Feb 2024 11:27

Cruise Missiles are a staple of Call of Duty, having been in the series in multiple forms throughout the years, starting as a Pred, moving towards cluster rockets of the Hellstorm, and now towards the perfectly guided system that we have now.

Yet in Modern Warfare 3, the simple streak is completely broken.

And given that it's the only killstreak in the game that's available in Modern Warfare 3 Ranked, fans are fuming that there hasn't been a fix after a week of bugs.

Modern Warfare 3 developers break Hellstorm Missiles in the latest update

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Dished out for gaining a six killstreak, the Cruise Missile is the only streak allowed in Ranked and can be a game-changer for anyone wanting to break an objective wide open, often dictating the pace of players who have already racked up multiple kills in one life.

But after releasing a "fix" for the Cruise Missiles in Season 2, which was supposed to stop the missile from unintendedly shutting down if a player was killed during its orbit, the killstreak has completely broken in a different way.

Now, anyone who has grafted for that streak will not be able to guide the rocket to the floor (the whole point of the missile) and instead will have to watch it aimlessly crash into a rooftop building.

MW3 fans slam Cruise Missles as an 'absolute joke' with no fix in sight

After this glitch has been plaguing the game for a week, players have now taken to social media to express their grievances.

"Why is this game-breaking bug not fixed yet?" one player quizzed on Reddit.

"It's absolutely ruining ranked play matches. The cruise missile is a crucial part of map control and can change an entire map. Why has it still not been fixed? It's been days and still nothing."

Another fan called for its temporary removal, adding, "At least disable it so people who don't know or don't learn aren't baited into using it."

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Given that Call of Duty had a complete server meltdown on February 23, the streak might have been bumped even further down the priority list, and Ranked players might have to rely on their good old aim to storm into Hardpoints for a few more weeks.

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