MW3 fans divided over 'Ghost Rider' style Tier 100 Battle Pass skin

MW3 fans divided over 'Ghost Rider' style Tier 100 Battle Pass skin
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Alex Garton


5th Dec 2023 17:25

The Battle Pass has become a staple part of every Call of Duty update, and that's certainly going to be no different in Modern Warfare 3.

Offering a form of progression that rewards players with unique cosmetics, it gives the community something to work towards while grinding multiplayer or Warzone.

Well, the Season 1 Tier 100 Battle Pass cosmetic for Nolan has been revealed, and it's been met with a mixed response from fans.

Some love the Ghost Rider-style design and flame effects, whereas others have slammed the skin as disappointingly "mid."

Some MW3 fans love "fire" Ghost Rider-style Battle Pass skin 

As showcased by the popular Call of Duty account CharlieINTEL, the Scorcher Battle Pass skin for Nolan has been revealed. Players will be able to unlock this cosmetic when they reach Tier 100, so it's going to be a hefty grind. As a result, expectations are high, and for some, it's an incredible design from the devs.

"That operator skin is fire - pun intended," said one user, with another claiming the design "actually looks decent, last Blackcell was ugly as f**k with the gold and green."

The obvious comparisons with "Ghost Rider" were also brought up, with fans loving the flame effects surrounding Nolan's head and boots.

There's also a blueprint for the MTZ-556 called The Furnace that is being universally praised, thanks to its charred design that looks like it's spent hours inside a forge

Others hate the Nolan cosmetic & argue it's "not that exciting"

Nolan Operator MW3
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As is always the case with skins, not everyone is impressed with Scorcher and for some, it's simply a "trash" design that could have been improved in so many ways.

Certain fans even made it clear that they "hate animated operators" and want Sledgehammer to add a toggle for skin effects.

"There are so many better ways to make an animated skin, why did they have to ruin both of his skins?" said one user, with another arguing they're "Not a fan of big and bulky skins."

We'll just have to wait and see how popular the Season 1 Battle Pass ends up being, but typically, with flashy Call of Duty cosmetics, more backlash usually means more sales for Activision.

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