MW3 fans are frustrated iconic weapon is 'unusable'

MW3 fans are frustrated iconic weapon is 'unusable'
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Alex Garton


6th Dec 2023 16:00

The Modern Warfare 3 weapon arsenal is absolutely huge, as every gun from MW2 is also available in the Gunsmith. More customisation and options for players are always positive, but some fans have noticed that certain options from the previous game are now "useless" in multiplayer.

The fan-favourite Crossbow has been hit particularly hard by the transition to Modern Warfare 3 and is now basically "unusable." For certain Call of Duty fans, this needs to change and the iconic weapon has to be buffed as soon as possible.

MW3 players claim Crossbow is now completely "useless"

The Crossbow may have never been meta in Modern Warfare 2, but it was always a fun weapon to use in multiplayer with its satisfying one-shot kills. That's no longer the case in MW3, with the Crossbow now requiring two bolts to kill an opponent. Due to the reload speed and fire rate of the weapon, it's now effectively "useless."

Members of the ModernWarfareIII subreddit have identified this and want Sledgehammer to buff it as soon as possible. In their opinion, it's a shame such a classic and extremely fun option has been rendered "unusable" on the OG MW2 (2009) maps.

"Really? A 2-hit kill? Come on," said one user, with another arguing, "Such a bummer, if they made it some sort of goofy revolving bolt or something that’s fine but 2 shots for a weapon that takes 6 months to rechamber is so lame."

MW3 community argue all MW2 weapons are "unbalanced"

Gold Crossbow MW3
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According to players, the Crossbow is just the tip of the iceberg, with nearly all of the MW2 weapons being "unbalanced" in Modern Warfare 3. For them, the weapon carry-over from MW2 seems pointless now, given that none of the guns seems to have been adjusted to the slower TTK changes.

"Nearly every MW2 weapon is unusable in MW3 right now because of the imbalance - the MW2 weapons haven't been rebalanced for 150HP," said one user, with another claiming, "Yeah the majority of the guns in this game are from MWII and they are all unbalanced and barely usable."

Sledgehammer will need to spend some time bringing the MW2 guns up to speed and from the community's perspective, the crossbow needs to be the number one priority.

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