MW3 fans accuse devs of using AI to create its skins

MW3 fans accuse devs of using AI to create its skins
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Alex Garton


27th Feb 2024 14:15

If there's one aspect of Modern Warfare 3 that's constantly being refreshed, it's the skins available to purchase in the store.

Every week, brand-new wacky designs and collaborations are being added, giving the community every opportunity to pull out their wallet and purchase some CoD points.

While certain bundles have been a home run for Activision, not everyone is convinced that quality is being prioritised over quantity. For some, the designs are so textbook that they've accused the developers of using 'AI' to come up with their concepts.

MW3 players think devs are using AI to design store skins

Some players on the ModernWarfareIII subreddit are growing suspicious about the design process used to create the skins in Call of Duty.

In their opinion, the bright colour choices and Operator skins as a whole appear a little too cookie-cutter, with certain fans suspecting "AI" may be involved.

"Cod artists are completely dumb or they're just running this through some AI and putting on the store," said one user, with another claiming, "I’m starting to believe that they are using AI to come up with their bundles."

It's worth noting that there is no proof Activision is using artificial intelligence to create skins, so it's all pure speculation at the moment. However, the lack of originality and bright, eye-catching colours in every bundle is certainly starting to raise eyebrows in the community.

Some CoD fans like running into these "pay-to-lose" cosmetics in multiplayer

Skeleton BlackCell
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AI accusations aside, some Call of Duty competitors love these neon and glowing skins, as it makes enemies using them easier to see on the battlefield.

Rocking these cosmetics is "pay-to-lose" from their perspective, and just gives your enemies even more of an advantage in gunfights, especially at long range.

In skirmishes, a lot of players have made it clear that they're "going to aim for the glowy skin first every time," so wearing these definitely makes you more of a target.

Either way, the strategy for Activision is clearly working, as you can see countless players sporting these cosmetics in Season 2's multiplayer.

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