MW3's clown Operator could be the most terrifying skin in CoD history

MW3's clown Operator could be the most terrifying skin in CoD history
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Alex Garton

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3rd Apr 2024 11:15

From Jigsaw to Leatherface, it's safe to say Call of Duty has had its fair share of spooky skins over the years.

However, these spine-tingling cosmetics tend to arrive around Halloween, and the nighttime maps make them even more scary to face on the battlefield.

Well, the devs are mixing it up in Season 3 by introducing arguably the most terrifying skin in CoD history, and we're nowhere near October.

Call of Duty players are not complaining, though, as the 'Circus Freak' bundle that includes the 'Happy' Operator skin is a homerun for the design team.

CoD fans adore 'Circus' bundle and have been waiting "forever" for a killer clown skin


As showcased by the popular Call of Duty account CharlieINTEL, Season 3 is bringing a whole host of wacky cosmetics, including the bizarre Stoned Sloth, which has already angered a lot of Mil-Sim fans.

The skin that stands out from the crowd, though, is the 'Happy' Operator skin, which is part of the 'Circus Freak' bundle. With obvious similarities to Pennywise, the design features bulging circular eyes with razor-sharp teeth.

If that wasn't enough, the red hair and the old-school clown outfit are unbelievably creepy and are guaranteed to strike fear into your enemies in any skirmish you take. As expected, this skin has gone down a storm with the community, who have showered it with overwhelming praise.

"I've been wanting a clown well killer clown operator in forever," said one user, with another claimingm "That Clown skin is going to be an absolute menace on Rebirth Island if they draw me back in and keep me invested in the game, I am DEFINITELY copping it."

When does the Killer Clown skin release in MW3?

MW3 Roadmap Season 3
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Image via Activision

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The 'Circus Freak Party' pack will be released at some point in Season 3, but so far, the devs haven't pinpointed an exact date.

Cosmetics showcased ahead of a major patch typically do not take very long to hit the store, so if you want to add the clown to your collection, keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks.

Alongside the Operator, it features the "Funny Business" HRM-9 SMG and the "Jokes On You" MTZ Interceptor Marksman Rifle.

If this is the level of scary skins released outside of October, then the community will be in for a real treat when the Halloween season begins.

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