MW2 & WZ2 players slam 'OP' thermal scopes for ruining Ranked

MW2 & WZ2 players slam 'OP' thermal scopes for ruining Ranked
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


24th May 2023 16:00

As Season 3 Reloaded introduced Ranked to Activision's battle royale, both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 now have a high-stakes mode for the Call of Duty community to enjoy.

This mode is meant to elevate the competitive environment by restricting certain features and attachments, as well as matching you against opponents of a similar skill level. Unfortunatley, CoD players feel like a certain type of optic is ruining the Ranked experience, and they recently called for devs to disable it completely.

Due to a bug with the Cold Blooded perk causing it not to work properly, MW2 and WZ2 players believe thermal optics should be removed from Ranked as they're too 'OP' in their current state.

Well, to the surprise of the community, the devs have responded extremely quickly to these requests.

CoD players want thermal optics removed from Ranked

Taking to Twitter on May 22, popular Call of Duty content creator James "JGOD" Godoy decided to showcase how a bug with Cold-Blooded makes the perk completely ineffective against thermal optics.

Showing a side-by-side comparison, the thermal scopes can still clearly see opponents through smokes even with Cold-Blooded equipped. This sparked a response from the community, with one user claiming "thermals in Ranked gonna be OP," and another arguing the devs clearly "didn't test it."

One user even went as far as to describe the bug as 'embarrassing,' so it's clear there's a huge concern that thermals without the Cold Blooded counter will be too strong in MW2 and WZ2 Ranked.

Thermal Scopes banned from Warzone 2 Ranked

According to CharlieINTEL, the devs appear to have banned Thermal Scopes in Warzone 2 Ranked. This is likely in response to the huge amount of complaints from players and content creators alike.

We can also assume that if the attachment bug isn't fixed before the World Series of Warzone qualifiers, none of the players will be able to use thermal scopes during the competition.

This rapid response has come as a shock to CoD players but has been well-received so far.

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