MW2 Returns Prestige Ranks, And Fans Are Ecstatic

MW2 Returns Prestige Ranks, And Fans Are Ecstatic
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


10th Nov 2022 16:25

It might only be the most minor of details for a Call of Duty player, but the prestige system is one that constantly starts rampant debates, especially in the last few years when the normal prestige ranks were scrapped in favour of seasonal progression.

Call of Duty fans of old would instantly recognise their lobbies' skill by identifying prestige masters, with the more devoted 'demons' of the game flying through the levels. Even when you met up with friends, the first question on your lips would be, "What prestige are you, mate?" It was a bid to humbly brag about your mastery status.

Yet in recent years, "Yeah, I'm level 107," doesn't quite have the same ring to it and players not only have wanted better bragging rights but a more streamlined approach to prestiging and levelling up in CoD. Roll on Modern Warfare 2...

Modern Warfare 2 Brings Back Prestige Ranks

With Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 on the horizon, Infinity Ward is now streamlining how we can progress across each corner of the CoD universe, including Warzone 2. With that, they have now revealed that Season 1 will bring back prestige ranks, with a season system that brings in five levels.

With the first prestige capped at level 55, players will be able to earn emblems, calling cards, and other rewards upon gaining this rank. However, unlike in previous years, going from first to second prestige (and so on), will not reset your gunsmith and create-a-class unlocks. Instead, you'll be able to continue your grind to level 250, where you will be Prestige 5.

Players also don't need to worry about not finishing their prestige by the time a new season comes out. The seasonal prestige ranks will be accumulated atop the previous seasons, allowing some players to carry on where they left off and others to begin ripping through five new tiers. 

Fans Ecstatic About MW2 Prestige System

After being branded a "huge W," Modern Warfare 2 fans have started expressing more literate expressions, and the large majority love the prestige ranks. 

Taking to Reddit one fan said, "I like this as well. I hated taking a few months off and being so far behind. Season prestige fixed that. With the cap of five prestiges per season, this means I won't be really far behind and can catch up later."

Players who have already reached max level in the pre-season period of Modern Warfare 2 will already be first prestige and will be able to begin their grind to level 100 for prestige two. It seems like Infinity Ward has found the perfect balance. A wise blonde-haired country singer once said, "It's the best of both worlds"...

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