MW2 players slam unbelievably 'poor' hit registration

MW2 players slam unbelievably 'poor' hit registration
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


29th May 2023 15:24

Modern Warfare 2 is a competitive game at its heart and Call of Duty players go into every match looking to secure the victory.

As a result, it's essential every player is on a level playing field and the gunplay works as intended to ensure everyone has a chance to compete.

Unfortunately, the community has voiced their frustration over unbelievably 'poor' hit registration and claimed it's making it impossible to kill their opponents.

At random points in a match, bullets will simply pass through foes dealing no damage and melee hits will just refuse to work altogether.

MW2 players claim 'bad' hit reg is ruining their matches

Hit reg be like
by u/toonie67 in ModernWarfareII

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user toonie67 showcased an example of broken hit registration while playing on the Shipment map. After running up behind an opponent and attempting to melee them multiple times, the game simply didn't register their damage which resulted in their death.

This clip sparked a discussion from the community, with one user arguing 'you can literally never trust that someone who beat you in a gunfight is actually better than you,' as sometimes your bullets just won't work as intended.

Other users are convinced hit reg problems have become 'a lot more common' recently, and some have even gone as far as to claim the 'game is rigged' against them.

Overall, it's clear there's a lot of frustration around players randomly missing their shots for no reason, so much so that a portion of the community has even 'gone back to Cold War' and other previous CoD titles.

Will hit-reg problems be fixed in MW2?

MW2 gunplay
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Courtesy of Activision

Hit registration is fundamental to Call of Duty and needs to be absolutely perfect, otherwise, it defeats the point of being accurate with your shots.

While player complaints will likely put this issue on Infinity Ward's radar, there's been no announcement that hit-reg changes are coming soon.

Players will just have to hope that these problems are ironed out with the upcoming Season 4 patch, but it's possible that the update strictly focuses on new content and no system improvements.

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