MW2 players slam 'no fun' devs for changing STF-U barrel

MW2 players slam 'no fun' devs for changing STF-U barrel
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Alex Garton


25th May 2023 11:18

As an FPS where every match aims to take down your opponents with a variety of weapons, it's safe to say Modern Warfare 2 has its fair share of violence. This is reflected in the game's rating, which allows it to appeal to a more mature audience.

So, when players noticed that the devs had changed the name of the STF-U barrel as it was deemed 'inappropriate,' they were slightly confused and slammed them for being 'no fun.'

The attachment had gained a funny reputation within the community, so it's clear a lot of fans are disappointed it has been renamed.

MW2 players flame devs for renaming 'funny' attachment

They renamed the STF-U barrel to the NST-81. No fun allowed
by u/lotus1788 in ModernWarfareII

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user lotus1788 revealed that the devs had changed the STF-U barrel to the NST-81 and claimed there's "no fun allowed" in MW2.

This sparked a response from countless players in the thread, with one arguing, "That's kinda sad... Imagine the kind of people at IW who thought they needed to change such a small thing."

Another user claimed Infinity Ward doesn't "allow anything funny or mildly inappropriate," which just spoils the fun for the community.

Finally, a fan called out the hypocrisy of the name being changed in a game with so much violence in every match, joking, "God forbid we have a name that resembles an acronym for bad words in an M-rated game where people can get grenades drilled into and exploded from inside their rib-cage."

Why did Infinity Ward change the barrel name in MW2?

MW2 Operator
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Courtesy of Activision

The change to the STF-U barrel was not mentioned in any patch notes, so it's impossible to know the exact reason why the devs decided to alter the name.

While it's likely they deemed it inappropriate as a play on "shut the f**k up," it's also possible they were concerned about the attachment becoming a joke and potentially not being taken seriously.

Either way, it's obvious fans are not happy with the 'no fun' devs and are more confused than frustrated about why Infinity Ward would feel the need to make such a minor change to an attachment.

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