MW2 players are 'tired of Shipment' & want a new small map

MW2 players are 'tired of Shipment' & want a new small map
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Alex Garton


29th May 2023 11:42

Call of Duty's smaller maps have been some of the most popular and iconic locations in the franchise's history. The fast-paced gameplay they offer means the action never stops and talented players can rack up countless kills with ease.

However, whether it's Nuketown, Shipment, or Rust, these maps have been recycled multiple times in recent entries in the franchise.

As a result, MW2 players have revealed they're 'tired of Shipment and Nuketown being in every game' and want the devs to introduce new smaller maps.

For them, playing in these OG locations over and over has become boring so they're looking for something fresh.

Modern Warfare 2 players want new small maps

We need a new small map, I’m tired of shipment and nuketown being in every game
by u/TheParadiseBird in ModernWarfareII

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user TheParadiseBird decided to post an image showcasing how many times Shipment has been recycled and re-released in multiple CoD titles.

For them, they're 'tired of Shipment and Nuketown being in every game' and want to see the devs put some effort into a brand new small map in a unique setting.

As you would expect, this sparked a discussion in the community, with a user suggesting that Infinity Ward take inspiration from Cold War and make the 'Gunfight maps' 6v6. One user responded to this idea, arguing 'It’s what the community wants... Meaning it’ll never see the light of day.'

Finally, some members of the community blame other players that 'cheer for remakes' every year, which in their eyes, encourages the devs to keep recycling maps.

Which OG maps do MW2 players want to return?

Shipment MW2
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Courtesy of Activision

Alongside arguing for new smaller maps in the thread, some users did reveal that they'd like to see some alternative OG maps from the past return in Modern Warfare 2.

Some of the most popular suggestions included Das Haus, Showdown, Shoothouse, and Firing Range.

All of these are exciting options for smaller and more intense maps in MW2, but it's clear there's a demand for Infinity Ward to think outside the box and bring something new to the table as well.

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