MW2 players are tired of devs removing their favourite modes

MW2 players are tired of devs removing their favourite modes
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Alex Garton


1st Jun 2023 16:40

Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer has a set of standard modes that remain permanently available to players, as well as extra modes that are rotated regularly.

While this does keep the gameplay feeling fresh and means the options for the community are always different, it also generates a lot of frustration from Call of Duty fans.

This is because many modes that are rotated in and out are fan favourites, meaning it's disappointing to see them disappear or only be accessible for a limited amount of time. Well, MW2 players have claimed they're 'tired' of fun modes being removed and want them to be permanently added as a new playlist.

MW2 fans want most modes to be 'permanently' available

Why would you do this? Just give us regular 10v10.
by u/reacted345 in ModernWarfareII

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user reacted345 decided to voice their frustration over Infinity Ward's decision to remove the regular 10v10 game mode and replace it with Dome-only 10v10.

This sparked a discussion in the thread about modes being removed, with one user arguing, "Keep most of the playlists permanently in the game! The disappointment when you finally have free time to play and realise 3rd person playlist is gone or whatever your favourite one is."

Another fan was left confused by the dev's decision to remove 10v10, claiming, "I can't understand why they just don't leave 10 versus 10 all the time." One user even revealed that they've "not played since they removed 10v10."

Overall, it's clear that players are 'tired' of being disappointed with the selection of modes on offer and feel as if the devs "don't listen to the community in the slightest."

Will Infinity Ward ever make most modes permanent in MW2?

MW2 game modes
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Courtesy of Activision

While making the majority of modes permanent instead of rotating them constantly is something the community has wanted for a long time, Infinity Ward is unlikely to add this feature.

This is because removing and re-adding various fan-favourite modes generates attention and hype from the community - often bringing players back who haven't jumped onto MW2 for a while.

Not only that, it ensures the majority of modes are being played rather than spreading out the player base across countless different modes. Nonetheless, if the devs did decide to implement this feature, it would definitely be well-received, as the current system is causing a huge amount of frustration.

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