MW2 player reveals Care Package 'bounce' trick

MW2 player reveals Care Package 'bounce' trick
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


26th May 2023 13:35

Out of all the killstreaks in Call of Duty history, Care Packages are definitely one of the most iconic and popular on the list.

While receiving a random kill streak will always be incredibly useful, it's their drop animation onto the map that's entertained players the most over the years.

Countless viral clips have been created from players dying to their own Care Packages or enemies falling victim to one plummeting from the sky.

Well, an MW2 player has discovered how to make falling Care Packages even more deadly, and it involves making the killstreak 'bounce'.

MW2 player discovers how to make Care Packages 'bounce'

Care packages bounce higher on tires.
by u/Ham_Ducktor in ModernWarfareII

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user Ham_Ducktor decided to share a hilarious Care Package trick that makes the falling object even more lethal once they've hit the ground.

As showcased in the clip, if you call down a Care Package on a set of tires in any of MW2's maps, the kill streak will bounce up incredibly high in the air.

In fact, in Ham Ducktor's case, it bounced so high that it wasn't even in their field of view anymore when it hit the ground.

Unfortunately, this meant that they couldn't react to the Care Package falling on top of them, and this ultimately resulted in their death.

Is the Care Package bounce trick useful in MW2?

Care package MW2
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Courtesy Activision

In short, no the Care Package bounce trick is not particularly useful in MW2, but it's certainly funny and has the potential to create some incredible clips.

Achieving a kill with the bounce or simply testing it out in your games is certainly worth it, especially if you're burnt out from just trying to maximise your kills every match.

As for whether this will get patched, it's extremely unlikely as it doesn't affect the overall gameplay experience and can only be used in certain areas with tires across all the maps in MW2.

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