MW2 Is Reportedly Getting 'Customisable Kill Cams'

MW2 Is Reportedly Getting 'Customisable Kill Cams'
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


14th Nov 2022 16:51

For as long as we can remember, kill cams have been a staple of the Call of Duty experience, whether it be the round-ending kill or "best play." The after-death cut replays and end-of-game recaps are a great way of allowing players to understand enemies' habits and showcase talent, and have always been a necessary addition to CoD.

Even when they replaced the round-ending kill (which only resulted in all six players leaping off Highrise's crane to have their 360 tomahawks be shown to the whole lobby) with "play of the game," they still proved integral to the CoD experience.

Now, kill cams might be going bigger, but not necessarily better, by allowing players to manually customise their own Modern Warfare 2 kill cams.

Leaks Suggest MW2 Will Get Custom Kill Cams

Popular leaker "RalphValve" has suggested that Infinity Ward intends to roll out a kill cam modifier which will allow players to add their own gifs, emotes, stickers, and borders around the post-death clips.

According to the leaker, you will be given the option to choose between "Play of the Game" or "Final Kill", and will be able to "extensively edit in Graphics, Messages, Audio, GIFS, and Templates."

It's not yet sure how this aligns with Activision's new anti-toxicity stance though, especially after going to extreme lengths to not allow custom banners, which became the main source of discriminatory behaviour back in the early 2010s because of its impossible safeguarding.

Patents Suggest MW2 Custom Kill Cams Will Add New Messages And Graphics

RalphValve claimed that he had many sources that have inferred that this feature is in the works for MW2, before sharing the online patent.  The example image in Activision's patent confirms that this feature is in development, at some level, and also backs up the claims that graphics videos, audio, and messages can be flashed across the screen.

Patented designs don't serve as confirmation that they'll land in-game, though. In fact, Sony previously patented a banana as a PlayStation controller and we've yet to hear any rumbling of Donkey Kong bringing this to the store. 

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