MW2 fans slam worst part of 'annoying' Shipment map

MW2 fans slam worst part of 'annoying' Shipment map
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


6th Jun 2023 12:04

The Shipment map made its debut in the Call of Duty franchise all the way back in 2007 with the original Modern Warfare. Ever since, the extremely small map has been a fan favourite thanks to the intense and fast-paced gameplay it offers, allowing players to rack up countless kills.

However, Modern Warfare 2 players have a serious problem with the current version of Shipment that makes the map unbelievably frustrating. For them, it's ruining the experience, and the 'annoying' problem could be fixed with a simple change from the developers.

MW2 players reveal most 'annoying' part of playing Shipment

Can we remove player collision on Shipment please
by u/JewelsVEVO in ModernWarfareII

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user JewelsVEVO decided to vent their anger about a problem they have with the Shipment map on MW2. According to them, playing Shipment usually involves spawning into a container and then being immediately 'blocked' by other players standing still in enclosed spaces.

As a lot of competitors like to camp inside the small containers to hide out of sight, it can be impossible to get past them. This means enemies can easily pick up kills as competitors get blocked by their own teammates.

One user in the thread even revealed that certain players "put deployable cover in the spawn container," which turns you into a sitting duck, unable to escape any enemy gunfire.

How can the devs make shipment better in MW2?

MW2 Shipment map
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Courtesy of Activision

For users in the thread, the fix is simple and just means Infinity Ward should turn off player collision. In theory, this should make it easy for competitors to run past each other.

It would be useful on all of the small maps and means players could hold down a position without frustrating their own teammates. It's clear there's a lot of love for Shipment in the CoD community, but fans do think the map needs some subtle tweaks to take it to the next level.

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