MW2 fans already love Himmelmatt Expo map in Season 2 Reloaded update

MW2 fans already love Himmelmatt Expo map in Season 2 Reloaded update
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


10th Mar 2023 13:37

It's all fun and games having remastered maps, especially some of the classics like Shipment, but when it's coming off the conveyor belt for the sixth time and the third fourth consecutive game, it's becoming a bit of a snooze fest unless you're an avid camo simulator fan.

Shortly after Dome's addition, Infinity Ward revealed that an actual new map was being brought forwards in development to arrive with the Season 2 Reloaded update.

Now, it's here, and despite not being ready to be released until next week, Call of Duty has lifted the lid on their Himmelmatt Expo map, and it has instantly won fans over.

MW2 fans love the 'modern' Himmelmatt Expo map

With the launch of an original design for the first time since Modern Warfare 2 was released, fans are now raining praise on this colourful map.

"Looks fire tbh", "looks lit", and "The map looks so good," are just a few of the positive comments from fans on social media.

"Looks like a great map. I am just happy to see new and original maps," said another fan on Reddit.


The map will also have the typical five objective points for Hardpoint too, which comes as quite a welcome addition for both casual and competitive players and insinuates that the map isn't too big.

The New Himmelmatt Expo map is being compared to Black Ops 3's Stronghold

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Arguably one of the best competitive maps of all time, albeit in the futuristic era with jetpacks and wall running, Stronghold was adored by fans due to its bright nature and a synonymous three-lane design that oozed fluidity.

Now, fans have noticed some stark similarities between Himmelmatt Expo and Stronghold, including the middle section surrounded by two familiar-looking buildings, the snow-capped appearance of the area, and the rocky surroundings adding texture and head-glitches.

Doubtless, players have yet to see a tac-map and its exact layout, but it appears that Himmelmatt Expo will be an instant fan-favourite and could also be a viable - and well-needed - addition to Ranked and Pro play.

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