MW2 expert reveals best 'advanced' movement techniques

MW2 expert reveals best 'advanced' movement techniques
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2nd Jun 2023 12:49

While gunskill will always be the most important part of MW2 & Warzone 2, your movement abilities are also absolutely essential for racking up kills.

Although the days of slide-cancelling and bunny-hopping around a map are long gone, there are a number of mobility techniques you can use to get an advantage over your foes.

For MW2 expert IceManIsaac, it's an element of the game that a lot of players overlook, so he decided to outline the best 'advanced' movement techniques that are guaranteed to elevate your gameplay.

Best 'advanced' movement techniques for MW2

For starters, IceManIsaac showcases the value of instantly going prone when challenging an opponent around a corner. As a foe will be pre-aiming at head height as you look to take a gunfight with them, they won't be expecting you to peek in prone, giving you a free kill a lot of the time.

Next, MnK players can make use of the instant-prone technique which unfortunately isn't possible on controller. This involves holding the sprint, releasing the 'W', and then immediately pressing prone. This significantly speeds up the prone animation, making it harder for your opponent to hit you while drop-shotting.

You can take this trick to the next level by double tapping jump once you're prone. This causes your character to shoot upwards and jump off the ground. This is effective because after seeing you go prone, an opponent will correct their aim downwards, but by jumping up, a lot of their bullets will often miss underneath your feet.

Finally, one of the most effective tips is snaking, which makes it extremely difficult to hit you while sitting in a head glitch. Instead of just using prone to bob up and down over cover. You'll want to snake up and down by heading backwards, going prone, and then sprinting forwards. Repeating this motion over and over again will allow you to peak at your opponent, but from their perspective, you're barely visible for more than a matter of milliseconds.

Why is sliding 'dead' in MW2 and Warzone 2?

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IceManIsaac has described sliding as being 'dead' in MW2 because you cannot shoot while using the mechanic. Unlike the original Warzone, sliding does not allow you to immediately fire your weapon, so using the movement technique will often result in you firing second in a gunfight.

As a result, he recommends that you don't use this 'useless' mobility trick, especially if you're an aggressive player.

However, some of the techniques above are definitely worth using and have the potential to take your MW2 gameplay to the next level.

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