MrBeast Spent $3.5 Million On Real-Life Squid Game

MrBeast Spent $3.5 Million On Real-Life Squid Game
Images: Netflix | MrBeast Instagram

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Tarran Stockton


25th Nov 2021 13:56

The madman actually did it. Everyone's favourite benevolent YouTuber - Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson - has finally debuted his real-life rendition of the cultural phenomenon Squid Game, and it cost a fortune to make. Though, the results were well worth it.

Squid Game is still everywhere, and after soaring to the top of Netflix, we've seen content creators try to cash in on the hype with their own real-life recreations of the Korean drama. Still, none come close to MrBeast's all-star rendition.

What Is The MrBeast Squid Game?

For those who have been living with Patrick Star recently, Squid Game has become the biggest show of the year and Netflix's most successful show of all time. The nine-episode series combined brutal death games with social commentary on class, while resonating with viewers around the world and launching itself into the stratosphere. 

Squid Game has been so successful, there is reportedly a game on the way already, and fans have spent time recreating it in games like Rocket League and GTA. Now, YouTube money printer MrBeast has got in on the action. After spending the past month working hard to make the video a reality, it debuted yesterday (November 24). 

The video has already amassed 30 million views and over 4 million likes since release, and makes for a solid version of the death game - just without all the death. The final game had to be switched out for musical chairs, as knife fights typically go against YouTube's terms of service. Still, the rest are accurate to the show.

We won't spoil who takes home the prize here, so feel free to watch the video linked above.

How Did MrBeast Make A Real Life Squid Game?

MrBeast made Squid Game through great effort and lots of money. Since announcing his intention to recreate Squid Game early in November, MrBeast documented some progress along the way by showing off the grand sets and talking a bit about how it would all work.

Apparently, the overall cost of the project reached $3.5 million, with $2 million going on developing the games, and $1.5 million going to contestants. 

You certainly can't fault MrBeasts efforts, and it appears to have worked out well in the end considering the video's already huge success. Squid Game was also recently renewed for a second season, so MrBeast's video could also get a future follow-up once that's released.


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