Modern Warfare: New content inbound

Modern Warfare: New content inbound

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18th Dec 2019 18:00

Season one of post-launch content for Modern Warfare is in full swing. Players have already seen the return of Crash to multiplayer and the Port of Verdansk added to the Ground War map pool along with brand new Operator Mara.

The trailer for the second content drop of the season has been revealed, containing new maps, game modes and much more. Check out what is coming to Modern Warfare in this article.

Free Gift!

Everyone likes a free gift! At 6PM GMT on December 18th, all players will receive a free gift. Check the Modern Warfare store to find it.

New Game Mode: Cranked

The first content drop saw the addition of Gunfight: OSP, much to the annoyance of players that preferred the original version of the game mode.

Cranked is a fast-paced deathmatch mode where the objective of the game is to score kills quickly to avoid an explosive death. The mode has featured in previous Infinity Ward titles so it is no surprise to see it make a return in Modern Warfare.

New Maps

Two new maps will be added as part of the content drop. Vacant from Call of Duty 4 will be returning as a 6v6 map alongside Shipment which will be added to the 6v6 map pool and will also feature as a Gunfight map.

Gunfight map Docks gets a festive makeover. The darkness could make it harder to see opponents, adding another element of difficulty to it.

It is all well and good going down memory lane for a hit of nostalgia but the lack of new and original maps coming is worrying for the longevity of the game.

New Operator: Nikto

Nitko, the second Operator of season one is to be released in the “Nikto Operator Bundle” which is full of weapon blueprints and cosmetic items.

It is an interesting way to go after releasing Mara as free content so it will be interesting to see how players react to putting some operators behind a paywall.

New Spec Ops Operations

Along with a lot of new multiplayer content, there will be new content coming to the co-op mode on Modern Warfare.

Operation Strongbox will be the newest operation added to Spec Ops while Disinform and Bomb Squad will be added as “Classic” Spec Ops missions.

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