Modern Warfare 3 won’t stop crashing on PS5

Modern Warfare 3 won’t stop crashing on PS5
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Joseph Kime


4th Dec 2023 11:05

Even though Modern Warfare 3 is popping off, some are wondering how long it can last. After all, it's nostalgia that's powering the game's success, with classic maps making a bold comeback. It's also distracting fans from the fact that the differences between the current Call of Duty and its predecessor are slimmer than ever.

In the meantime, MW3 needs to keep up its good appearances by running like gold and playing just the way that players want it to. Sadly, Sledgehammer Hames is already failing on one of those fronts for PlayStation players.

Modern Warfare 3 keeps crashing for PS5 users

That's not a good look. It seems that players are having some trouble with getting the latest Call of Duty game to work at all, as they're reporting that game crashes are ruining their entire experience.

Taking to Reddit, fans are claiming that after every couple of matches, players are being forced to restart their entire game. Given that they have to navigate the CoD HQ to do so, it's feeling like a pretty long and arduous process just to beam some players on Estate.

"I've been trying to play the Rustment 247 playlist for most of today, but after every 1 - 2 matches, my game crashes and I have to restart the game," says user Potential_Owl7825. "Any idea what could be causing this?"

Players respond to claims of PS5 crashes

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This poor user isn't the only person stuck in the mud with this problem, as many other players are dealing with the problem without any kind of fix in sight.

"Yes. Happens to me on ps5 on rustment playlist," says one. "Usually crashes after 1 game but never make it more than two games without it crashing. Never crashes during match usually 5-10 seconds after in the main menu."

"The game has been super buggy here in the last few hours on PS5," says another player. "All of my letters are jumbled up? I'm getting my armory unlocks and shit I just cant read them."

To a certain degree, the successes of MW3 have so far hinged on distracting the player from how little is actually new - and these bugs are going to make that very hard indeed. Could we be watching the fall of Modern Warfare 3 as it happens, mere weeks from its launch?

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