Modern Warfare 3 launch glitch is skyrocketing players into the air

Modern Warfare 3 launch glitch is skyrocketing players into the air
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Alex Garton


27th Nov 2023 13:02

Call of Duty has experienced countless amounts of bugs throughout the franchise's history, especially in multiplayer.

The majority of the time, these unintended interactions are frustrating for the community and need to be addressed by the devs as soon as possible.

However, once in a while, a bug comes along that's more bizarre and funny than it is inconvenient. Well, that's certainly the case for the launch glitch which has appeared in multiple CoD titles.

Now, it's back in Modern Warfare 3 and it's skyrocketing players into the air to unbelievable heights once again.

CoD's famous launch glitch is back in Modern Warfare 3

As showcased by the popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone, the launch glitch has been discovered in Modern Warfare 3 by a user called Zio.

This bug effectively allows players to launch themselves to the top of the map's skybox in an instant, propelling them upwards into the air.

Performing the glitch involves finding specific spots on certain maps that trigger the interaction in the War mode.

It's worth noting that despite being funny, it's still an unintended interaction so it's likely Sledgehammer will patch it out of the game.

Is the launch glitch useful or OP in Modern Warfare 3?

Sniper Modern Warfare 3
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Overall, no the launch glitch isn't particularly useful in Modern Warfare 3 as it propels you so high in the air that's almost impossible to see any enemies.

That hasn't stopped players from landing some incredible trickshots with it though. Zio in the clip above even managed to land a shot on a target nearly 500m into the air.

So, apart from creating a set of highlight-reel clips, the launch glitch isn't OP for anyone wanting to keep their KD positive in MW3. However, there's no denying that it looks awesome.

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