Modern Warfare 3 just broke a post-pandemic CoD record

Modern Warfare 3 just broke a post-pandemic CoD record
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Jack Marsh


29th Nov 2023 15:56

Many people think Call of Duty is a dying art, and yet with Modern Warfare 3 being one of the lowest-ranked games in the series, you'd expect the numbers to be down. Right?

Well, Call of Duty doubters. You might want to stick this stat where the sun doesn't shine and smoke it.

According to Call of Duty themselves, Modern Warfare 3 is flying, and is beating out every game in the last few years.

MW3 outslays recent Call of Duty games over the holiday season


Maybe it's a decline in fine Turkey cooking, or maybe the tradition of Thanksgiving has lost its touch so close to Christmas, or maybe Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is so gripping that you can't put it down. Probably the latter.

No matter the reason though, Call of Duty has reported that more hours per player were noted during Thanksgiving in comparison to any game in the last three years, beating out Cold War, Vanguard, and Modern Warfare 2 in the same time frame.

The Modern Warfare 3 devs claim that this year saw the highest hours played per person in a premium Call of Duty release since Modern Warfare 3 in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Call of Duty leans into high retention rates by adding Shipment

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Following the success of Modern Warfare 3 and its clear grip on the community, the developers are now adding the most addicting and avid map there is: Shipment.

Shipment will release on Thursday, November 30, as Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 goes live and Warzone integration comes into play.

This record for Modern Warfare 3 comes just a week after the devs revealed that Modern Warfare 3 set the record for the highest engagement throughout the trilogy in their respective opening two weeks.

Its clear to see that the flopped game might much strurdier than we first though.

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