Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Multiplayer Coming After Launch

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Multiplayer Coming After Launch
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Joseph Kime


8th Jul 2022 12:17

Fans are looking to the future release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and they're doing so with perhaps their hopes too high. There's a lot riding on the reboot sequel, what with Vanguard failing to meet expectations both with fans and behind the scenes when it comes to profits.

Infinity Ward's latest beast is already being heralded as the start of a new era for the franchise, and the higher its hype climbs, the harder it'll fall if it doesn't meet expectations. But, there's one thing that gamers have wanted for a hot minute to come to the game, which is going to make the more hard-headed fan very happy indeed.

Will Modern Warfare 2 Have Ranked Multiplayer? 

For some time, fans have been desperate for Call of Duty to give them a new mode to stand alongside their regular multiplayer offerings as a more intense, heavily competitive version of what we know and love - and it looks as though they're coming through for us.

As confirmed by reputable leaker TheGhostOfHope, ranked play will be landing in Modern Warfare 2 to satiate the sweatiest of Call of Duty fans, but it will end up arriving after launch.

The general consensus is that Modern Warfare 2 ranked multiplayer will probably launch with the game's first season - coming not long after the game launches. To be perfectly honest, fans are so excited by the fact that ranked multiplayer is joining the game that the wait doesn't seem too bad at all.


How Will Ranked Call Of Duty Change Modern Warfare 2?

This could be huge for Modern Warfare 2, giving casual and competitive players different hubs to go to and divvying up the fanbase. This might seem like a bad thing, but it could end up cutting down on toxicity and dramatically lower the skill ceiling of the game.

The idea is that anyone can jump into a game for the first time without getting utterly merked by CDL-grade players. This is a huge shift for Call of Duty that could - as the press for the game has suggested - herald a bright new future for the franchise. Fingers crossed, eh?

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