As Insomniac Games swings into action with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, how do you find the Chadwick Boseman tribute that honours his Black Panther legacy?

07:10, 21 Nov 2020

Further compacting the idea that 2020 has been a write-off, the "marvellous" world of Marvel was dealt a crushing blow with the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. Although the 43-year-old had a slew of Oscar-worthy movies under his belt, many will remember his as T'Challa, aka Black Panther, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even as the world still mourns and Disney mulls over what to do next with Black Panther, there's a touching tribute to this fallen hero in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

While Insomniac Games' Spider-Man put Peter Parker in his Spidey suit back in 2018, Miles Morales has shifted focus to the OG game's standout addition. Even though Miles got his time to shine in "The City That Never Sleeps" DLC, Insomniac's latest title firmly gives him his own adventure.

Just like Spider-ManMiles Morales is jam-packed with Easter eggs and unlockables for you to enjoy. Also similar to how the MCU has become a treasure hunt for fans of Marvel comics, Miles Morales has followed suit by honouring Boseman's Black Panther legacy.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales - what is the Chadwick Boseman tribute? 

Tribute to Chadwick Boseman from Spider-Man: Miles Morales from r/marvelstudios

Long before Miles Morales was introduced to Marvel Comics in 2011's Ultimate Fallout #4, T'Challa was one of Marvel's most important names for diversity. Before Storm or even Sam Wilson (Falcon), Black Panther made waves in Marvel when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced him in 1966. With some 54 years of history, and Boseman's beloved portrayal, it's no surprise Miles Morales wanted to do its own bit to remember him.


When it comes to the Chadwick Boseman tribute, a heartfelt message comes alongside the game's credits. If you stick around long enough, the following message will appear: "In love memory of a noble kind, Chadwick Boseman. His honor, strength, and compassion will reverberate for generations to come. Wakanda forever". 

To find the Chadwick Boseman tribute, you simply have to complete Miles Morales' main story. That doesn't involve finding every trophy and suit, just the main campaign that will take around 8-10 hours to polish off. Once the final credits roll - we won't spoil the ending here - the Boseman tribute will be tacked onto the end of the credits. 


Spider-Man: Miles Morales - is there another Chadwick Boseman tribute? 

Although it's not specifically there to honour Boseman, there's also a supersized Black Lives Matter mural featured in-game. Boseman was among the many Hollywood megastars who threw their power behind the movement in 2020. Miles Morales' BLM mural is unlocked alongside the Uptown Pride Suit. After completing all App Activities and Crimes, the vibrant yellow and black suit will be added to Miles' wardrobe. When unlocked, a small cutscene will play that shows Miles wearing the suit with the Black Lives Mural clearly visible in the background. 


When Boseman died, Fortnite was inundated with tributes to the star as players gathered around the game's Black Panther statue that was introduced as part of the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4. While the Black Panther monument will presumably be removed when Epic Games rolls out its next season, at least Miles Morales will permanently honour Boseman. Now you know how to honour Boseman's time as the King of Wakanda, let's all bow our heads one more time. 



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