Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony Reportedly Skipping E3 2023

Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony Reportedly Skipping E3 2023
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31st Jan 2023 09:24

Conference season is like nerd Christmas, and without it, we wouldn't have some of the grandest (and most cringeworthy) moments in gaming history.

Though it has been dormant for a few years - and despite Summer Game Fest's best efforts - it's E3 that leads this charge. The conference's return in 2023 has fans excited for what we could see appear at the showcases that will unfold over the week in Summer.

Of course, there's a lot for players to look forward to when it comes to new game reveals, whether they'll be unveiled as a part of the E3 show or not. Sadly, it looks like some of the industry giants won't be taking part at all.

Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony Are Missing E3

Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony Reportedly Skipping E3 2023
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It has been reported that though E3 is returning to the physical trade show format, it won't be as big a deal as we expected it to be. Some of the biggest names in gaming simply won't be appearing.

Multiple sources have told IGN that neither Xbox, Sony nor Nintendo will have any kind of presence at the show. The site reached out for comment, but none of the big three responded.

This doesn't mean that the companies won't have anything to reveal around that time, as fresh competitors like Summer Game Fest will have announcements of their own, as well as the big companies offering their own branded showcases.

While this isn't all that surprising because the Nintendo Direct approach seems to have rooted itself in all corners of the industry, it does beg the question - what's the point of E3, then?

What Will Be At E3 2023?

The news comes after Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the gaming giant will be timing its showcase with E3 at a time that's "convenient for press and even consumers" - suggesting its own showcase will be around these dates. 

We don't know anything concrete about what will appear at E3 2023, but at this stage, it's much more likely that the showcases will reflect smaller titles than what we've seen in the past.

With the three gaming giants seemingly holding their cards close to their chests, they'll want to keep the big reveals to themselves rather than offering them up to a third party - with E3 and its competitors seemingly left to scrounge for scraps.

Fans have been concerned that the end of E3 is closer than we'd hoped, and this seems to be yet another sign the gaming extravaganza could shut up shop in the coming years. Rest in peace, E3 - we hardly knew ye(3).

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