Microsoft Is Trying To Put Call Of Duty On PS Plus

Microsoft Is Trying To Put Call Of Duty On PS Plus
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13th Dec 2022 09:41

To be honest, the ongoing drama surrounding the Xbox purchase of Activision Blizzard is growing a little exhausting.

Not entirely understanding the business side of the merger is one thing, but to then watch the companies involved (and the companies not involved, in PlayStation's case) squabble throughout, some think this has reduced both sides to childish brats.

Now that the US Government is getting involved, tensions are running high - but it looks like Xbox is extending something of an olive branch to PlayStation. The problem is, the latter doesn't seem too keen on receiving it. 

Could Call Of Duty Come To PS Plus?

Microsoft Is Trying To Put Call Of Duty On PS Plus
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According to a new report from Bloomberg, Xbox has been offering concessions to its competitor, similar to what we saw with Microsoft granting Nintendo a 10-year deal with Call of Duty.

It looks like Microsoft is shopping the series elsewhere, seemingly at the behest of Sony. Bloomberg (via Kotaku) suggests that Xbox offered PlayStation the Call of Duty franchise via its online streaming service, PS Plus.

This comes in the wake of PlayStation claiming that Xbox was intent on keeping the franchise for itself. Though Xbox has previously said it didn't want to leave PlayStation out in the cold, it has no legal obligation to do so.

The offer from Microsoft seems to be to dismiss those worries, however, we're sure there's more to the story as things heat up in the courtroom. 

Is This A Good Deal From Xbox?

This has kicked up the conversation around what Xbox is willing to do for PlayStation, in a scenario that makes it more and more likely that Call of Duty will end up as an Xbox exclusive.

Even though it may seem like this might be a great thing for Sony on the surface, it's definitely not what the gaming giant is looking for.

The Call of Duty franchise making a home on PS Plus would no doubt draw a lot of new subscribers to the service, but when considering the money lost from the core game's sales, it's practically nothing in comparison.

It'd very much be a consolation prize, and while it'd be fantastic for consumers, it'd mean a lot less in revenue for PlayStation. And as we know, that's our driving force. Sorry, PlayStation users - we were so close.

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